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OOC & Character(s)


Otherworldly, supernatural, an enigma. Vladius is sleek by design, a pearlescent dream. His coat, a titillating rosegold, practically glows - an effect once thought lost on the Dragomir line - surrounding him with a mystical aura.

His eyes, a roguish pink, sit above a handsome Roman nose. Large and round like a well-refined opal, they are further exaggerated by the haunting black of his sclera. They are melancholy and forlorn, the only sure-fire tale of an age-old wisdom. Blush in color, a set of horns shadow the crown of his head, and although they grow fairly short, they are filed into a fine point.

Ever present, elongated wolf teeth protrude from his lips, winking dangerously when touched by light.

Large - perhaps even more sizable than his incorrigible height - and lustrous wings extend from a proportionately long back, leathery in texture and exceptionally toned. Folding down at his sides, they are the same rose gold hue that he embodies. Their length so grand that they drag the ground behind him, the twin, pale talons that arch forth from either joint leave a trail wherever he may go.


Amoral & Derisive. Vladius' moral compass is pretty jacked. In his eyes, there is no right or wrong way, only his way. Lying and cheating to get what he wants is in his nature, and considering his vampiric tendencies, so is murder. But in latent terms, he's an asshole that enjoys preying on the weak and tearing down anyone with an inferior personality just because he feels like he can or should.

Ambitious & Cunning. A product of his upbringing, he feels entitled, and though a very unpopular choice for the seat of House Dragomir, Vlad would have proven himself far more capable as Count than any of Demidicus’ other children. He’s devoted and loyal to his name and the people who believe in him; unwavering in his stance and with his decisions. And unlike his brothers, he knows how to play the game of thrones.

Ruthless & Domineering. With a very strong and assertive personality, he stands tall among his peers, and unless he's been given a reason not to, he'll look down on the little people of the world without prejudice. Ruthless, his vengeance knows no bounds. Meaning, he's not out to settle a score, he's out for blood, and blood he shall have.

Vulgar & Explosive. Whether it’s the cause of alcohol or from a frustrating lack of blood, Vlad has been known to fly off the handle on more than one occasion.

Graceful & Aristocratic. As stated before, Vlad knows how to play the game of thrones. Raised up in his father’s court, he was taught the dos and don’ts of society and the politics behind it all. His cunning and knack for manipulation followed soon thereafter.


  • As the middle-child of the Dragomir line, Vladius held a lot of leeways whenever his mother was involved. Where Vitaliya was adored by their father, Lady Lugosi cherished her thirdborn son - practically worshiping the ground he walked on. Out of her five children, Vladius was one of the only ones who could save her from feeling as if she were drowning in a sea of black.
  • Lady Lugosi and Vitaliya were perhaps the only Dragomir's who cared for Vladius. Of course, the Dragomir men barely tolerated one or the other, but for obvious reasons, Vlad was the least favorite among his brothers by far.
  • Count Demidicus Dragomir was dissatisfied with his sons, and would take any opportunity to disgrace them. His wife tried to soften the blows as much as she could, but there was only so much she could do when the Vampire King cared even less for her. Perhaps the only one to hold his favor was his daughter, Vitaliya, and if not for her disinterest in the throne, he would have undoubtedly crowned her as his heir.
  • Stemming from their father’s reluctance to name an heir, it was not uncommon for the brothers to duke it out every once in a while. Of course, it never went beyond superficial wounds, but it was obvious, even to the common folk, that the Count’s sons held little love for one another.
  • An immortal being, he's lived a long and interesting life. One filled to the brim with romance, lust, blood, and war.
  • With such a dark and eluding past, the denizens of this haunted kingdom often felt the need to rebel. They didn’t understand their power and were quite reluctant to accept their unnatural thirst for blood. In all of the 400 odd years that he’s walked this realm, he has participated in over eight rebellions.
  • He's had two great loves in his life. A bar wench named Isolde and the crisp taste of perfectly aged, red wine.
  • It was love at first bite. Her blood was like a drug to him, and he was addicted. And despite the pain it caused her, Isolde enjoyed the sensation, the exchange always leaving her with a feeling of euphoria that she never could have achieved with anyone else.
  • The two hardly kept their affair much secret and were frowned upon for it, Vladius’ father especially disagreed with his strange affliction towards the bar wench, and whenever his son decided to finally approach him about bringing her into the family, the Count was quick to shut down the notion.
  • A child was born despite the differences between Demidicus and Vlad, but it was premature and disfigured. The babe, a sickly pale color with broken leathery wings and a beak for a mouth, was destined for death the moment it was conceived. Disheartened by their sad attempt at creating a life together, the lovers decided to enjoy what little time they had together rather than suffer through another miscarriage.
  • Isolde did eventually pass from old age, and although Vladius took on several more consorts after that, he never loved anyone as much as he loved her.
  • When Vitaliya stormed into court after being cursed by a witch she had wronged in some way or another, demanding the help of her family, Vladius, much like the rest of the Dragomir's, was left dumbfounded by the curse that his sister had suffered. She was known for her remarkable beauty, but now she was little more than a bat with legs. Although they were all clearly in shock, Vitaliya took her family's stunned silence as a reprimand, and without any further exchange, she fled.
  • Guilt stricken, Vlad was soon on her trail, hoping to catch up to her before she disappeared from the realm completely, or before she could find any more trouble. She was his dear sister, his closest confidant - if there was anything for him at all to do, he wished to help.
  • A decent tracker, he was able to pick up her trail rather easily and was quick to give chase, but little did he know what drama soon awaited him beyond the shadow of the Dragomir name.



Accessories: A single gold tooth.
Outfits & Armor: None at this time.

Companion: Quill - a gray long-eared bat - was found by Vladius as a small pup. Sickly looking and frail, the vampire took pity on the poor creature and the two have been virtually inseperable ever since.

Face Claim: Vampire Brad Pitt from 'Interview with the Vampire' | Sounds Like: Luke Evans


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