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  • OOC Name: Bloodwitch
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OOC & Character(s)


Verbena's base coat is a forest green. With a pale grey slash on her underbelly that goes up her neck and under her jaw. She has four stockings to match and patches of dapples that vary in green colors. Her mane and tail are a emerald green that lightens at the ends. Verbena's eyes are a lime green, with pupils to match her coat color but with no white around them. Verbena can see just fine thought them and is not blind. However, sometime sin the heat of the day she will have trouble seeing. She wears both a gold headdress and harness. They glow in the darkness and glimmer in the sun. Verbena will take part of it in battle but mostly keeps it on all the time. It serves her no use for protection and is mostly for show. Her mouth reaches back into her jowl and opens wide with a full set of sharp teeth. They are shark like with serrated edges. Once one falls out, one replaces it from behind.


Flamboyantly and maliciously devious. Verbena has a high opinion of herself, even though she isn’t conventionally attractive. She is very comfortable in her own skin. She has a very sassy, wicked and, morbid sense of humor. She is an extremely skilled manipulator and a fantastic liar. She uses every opportunity to pursue her own ends – she doesn’t just sit there passively and will go after the things she wants. She is often blunt when explaining things or dealing with most creatures, with a sweet yet highly lethal charm. She can also be very cold and uncaring when dealing with them and seems apathetic to the concerns of others.

An affectionate relationship, whether romantic or platonic, requires a certain amount of vulnerability, and Verbena has learned to suppress all hints of fragility in the hopes that this might ease her suffering. Verbena is also known for being very much a "smart-ass", and is often sarcastic, witty and, cunning. Yet she does this with quite the mannerism. Impeccably cultured and sophisticated despite her vicious tendencies. Verbena does have a taste for meat and blood. Yet, rather than simply killing for fun, she kills those who exhibit poor taste or bad manners. Fine taste and good manners being an obsession. However she would never hurt a fly unless servery provoked. Instead she is a bit of a tease and would prefer to hunt big game animals. Yet if she needs to defend herself or take action upon and evil soul, she has no great internal struggle with killing them. She's merciless in the way she doles out death and takes a fierce pride in her ability to do so. She's fiercely independent and sure in her own skills.


In the beginning, Verbena was born of royal blood. Her parents had tried to conceive for many years but with no success. Soon the King became unfaithful and hired someone to kill her mother. However the assassin had a weak spot and after getting to know each other, love found a way. What was a game to save her life, turned into a bit more. The assassin staled for a long as he could, until the King became suspicious. Not only was the Queen still alive but she became of child. They tried their best to escape before it was too late but a trap was laid out and her father was killed. As torment, her mother was locked away until she gave birth. The King not wanting to risk the possibility of the child being his. When it was clear Verbena wasn't, her mother was sentence to death. Being banished over a cliff. Verbena's mother gave away all her strength to save her. She ended up on shore alone, a traveling sea witch coming across her. The witch picked her up and brought back her strength. This way her mother did not die in vain. The witch took her in as her own and when she became of age, started her as an apprentice.

Verbena slowly gained her powers and knowledge. Putting her past behind her and making a life of her own. She grew to know all about nature and using what it has to offer to make potions and cast spells. Some required magic, others did not.

When the witch passed away, she took over. Traveling the lands and establishing herself as a physical beacon of hope towards unfortunate creatures, allowing them to strike deals and business propositions that would supposedly result in their happiness, should they successfully fulfill their end of the bargain. Not to mention follow her extract instructions. Sadly, not everyone follows rules and the end result of those who do listen could vary. It was ironic that her last deal was made with a King. The same King that killed her mother. Verbena at first did not want to help the King but as the bribes grew, she became tempted. As expected, he did not follow her rules or fulfill his end of the bargain. He became ill and started to die. Nothing could be done to save him now and he called out for her death. All of the kingdom went in search of her. Vervena had little time to react and lost everything. Her traveling home destroyed and herself banished. No town would take her in. The reward too high for her head, she was forced to move on and enter new worlds.

Curse Inducement


Apprentice: Verbena is able to place hexes on anyone she makes a deal with. However she must have something of theirs. Either a item they carry or a piece of their hair. Preferable items of value to them. Her hexes are minimal, with no serious side affects. None of them cause serious damage and tend to be temporary. She has no control over what hex is placed and can only hold a hex one at a time.
Adept: At this level her hexes still need items of value. However she gains more control over the hexes place. The time frame they last is extended but they can still be easily banished. Their effects still minimal.
Master: At this rate she can hex anyone with any item. She can control what hexes are placed and their damage is harmful. She can hold her hexes to several creatures and they are harder to banish.
Virtuoso: No longer does she need items to hold her hex. She can place any hex she wants on a being and they can no longer be banished. Their is no limit to how many she can hex and her hexes are much worse and can cause death.



Pixel by by Disgusted Noise
Ref art by By Ameameridian