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Malchior’s theme of black and white stands out quite a bit. His head is a solid black, the color continuing down the upper half of his neck before turning into jagged black stripes down his neck and ends at his shoulders. Interestingly enough, the black marks slashing over his neck and shoulders move slowly like a thin vein of slowly moving water. Speckles of small white dots sparkle faintly along the black veins, resembling the night sky. The white speckles, however, are not very bright, and one would have to be pretty close to see them clearly.

Like his body, Malchior’s mane is a dual color of black and white, where the black is more dominant around his head, and neck(linked with his black marks). His tail, similar to the mane in being long and thick, is a solid white without a strand of black to be seen.

Malchior looks more like a disinterested noble than a wayward soul, and his clean cut, pretty features certainly doesn’t help him at all. To further accentuate the appearance of an indifferent lord, his pale lavender eyes are framed by long lashes and with a pair of eyelids more content to settle at half mast than to look alert.


Despite his initial appearance, his character is far from that of a spoiled noble. Malchior is a quiet soul, preferring to stand aside and watch like another spectator than to get involved in gossip or drama. He’s careful in getting himself involved in anything that could risk his neck.

Malchior is pretty straightforward in terms of telling the truth or not, though that would be dependent on the situation. However, he doesn’t really shy away from stinging truths, and he often looks unfazed when he does point any truths out to others. This can sometimes paint him as insensitive towards others. Of which he doesn’t care for either. He’s never really cared too much about the opinions of others, at least in terms of their thoughts about him any way. In relation to morality, he does try to do what he feel’s is correct.

He’s pretty even tempered, not one to snap or grow angry in a short span of time, but Malchior is the type that when he does feel angry or frustrated, he bottles it up. His emotions and expressions rarely reach that of the extreme spectrum, tending towards the more neutral.


Malchior has little recollection of his past; he’d lived a reclusive life for the few months that he had after he’d woken up with no injuries, no items, and no one around to tell him who or what had happened. Those few months had been pleasant enough that he hadn’t thought much about the big gap in his history. There were, and still are, times when the past wiggles into his mind in the form of sweet smells, soft touches and even flashes of blurry images when he’s sleeping. He doesn’t know what they are yet, and his concern only seems to grow.




Malchior has the ability to draw out illusionary barriers and weapons(they take the form of weapons like swords, daggers, and spears) that are able to counterattack and cast conditions on his opponents. His counterattack barrier will reflect attacks, both physical and arcana, back onto the attacker for around double the damage and, if he so wishes to, add a condition. His offensive weapons, like the sword and the axe, are able to attack by his directions, and can reflect an attack somewhat, though not as well as his barrier. They are better at casting conditions than anything else. The appearance of his barrier and weapons are similar to how he looks: black and white, with the white color speckling the black like stars.

His illusionary weapons are pulled from the black marks on his neck and shoulders. At the apprentice level, this can be pretty painful. Malchior is able to detach these weapons entirely, or create a long tendril attached to the weapon. Both his reflection barrier and weapons are not permanent, and can last for however long depending on level. When they’ve reached their max time limit, they have a cooldown time before they can be brought up again. So, if he wants to draw his sword again, he’ll have to wait until the cooldown for that weapon is done before he can draw it again, if he’s at a level that allows him to draw it again. At lower levels, his barrier and weapons can be shattered easily if one is able to break his focus. At higher levels, it is much harder to break his concentration.

Detailed Info

  • Apprentice

  • At the apprentice level, the conditions from his counterattacks are only able to last a handful of seconds. His reflection barrier can be held up for several seconds, and can only throw back damage marginally stronger than the original. His reflection barrier is small as well, it’s max size going from his ears down to his mouth. The sword, the only weapon he can draw out at the apprentice level, has the side effect of stunning, but can last only long enough to be labeled as a minor inconvenience. A weaker mind might be more susceptible to these conditions (like a sick horse or an exhausted horse), whereas a strong mind is able to break out of it quickly, or resist it entirely if they’re strong enough. If he pushes himself too far, he will exhaust himself physically and mentally. The sword’s time limit would be only a handful of seconds. At this level, Malchior can only use his barrier and/or sword maybe a limit of three times. He can also lose his concentration, his barrier and sword can dissipate since they’re semi-illusions, if something were to knock him off well enough. Since he is an apprentice, his concentration can be easily broken.

    Drawing his weapons from his black markings on his neck and shoulders are extremely painful, and he is not able to detach his barrier and sword from his black mark. As a result, his weapon at the apprentice level is small, transparent, and kind of looks crude. The sword can attack the opponent at his command, though it cannot do any lasting or serious damage; more like small needle pricks than dangerous attacks.

  • Adept

  • At this level, his counterattacks and conditions take less energy than before, but can still be exhausting if he overdoes it. He can now summon two new weapons, a dagger and an axe, and can imbue conditions onto them so that he can throw them at his target. However, the range of both weapons are small and can easily miss at this level. This sword’s condition of stunning last longer and can affect most targets, save for those who are very strong. His previous weapon, the sword, is now longer, finer looker and can now be detached from his marks. His barrier is also bigger, able to cover his entire front from head to hoof, and can throw back more damage than at the apprentice level. The effects of his side effects are longer and can slow an opponent down well enough for Malchior to take advantage.

    His weapons are not as rough and transparent, and he can now draw more than one weapon for a longer period of time. Both his barrier and his weapons can now last a bit longer, and he can use them more times before they go into their cooldown phase. Malchior can now focus better than before, able to keep his barrier and weapons out, but a good smack or anything close to a hard hit can still break his concentration. At the Adept level, if his weapons are shattered, they will add a small condition to anyone near them(the range is quite small, maybe 2ft. 3ft max), but this is not enough to significantly harm anyone. Just a mild annoyance.

  • Master

  • His barrier can now cover him entirely, creating a protective dome that’s able to reflect several attacks at once. It can last for much longer than before, and the entire surface is solid and colored black with speckled white. The dome is transparent enough that Malchior can see past it, and he can control the size of the barrier, turning it’s appearance into a shield to reflect single attacks. He can pull even more weapons out, and has two new ones, a spear, and a bow and arrows.

    It takes less energy to draw his weapons out, and he can pull multiple weapons, even duplicates of each weapon if he wishes to, and the pain that comes with pulling them out is reduced to a slight ache. His offensive weapons can give multiple conditions, like adding both slow and daze to their target, and they can now be laid down as a trap (he can make them transparent enough that they can’t be seen as well, especially in bright sunlight). The time that they can stay out is much longer, a good minute or two, and he can draw them significantly more times, a good ten or fifteen times, and their cooldown is a bit shorter. His weapons still add conditions when they are shattered, and are only a bit more annoying than before. The range of their shattered weapons effect is the same as that of the Adept level.

  • Virtuoso

  • At the Virtuoso level, anyone in his range, and his range is very large at this point, will be targets. His weapons look more like physical weapons than illusions at this point, and he can create them by the hundreds. His counterattacking can now throw back many attacks and any that hit their target can do an enormous amount of damage, significantly more so than the original attack. His barrier can also absorb the attack and delay in reflecting it back to the attacker, so he can control when to mess his opponents up. It is also possible for him to cast his barrier on both himself and several others; the size of his barrier is large enough to cover a good sized herd if need be. At this level he can now draw out the hammer weapon; a large weapon capable of staggering any opponent no matter their size. The rest of his weapons are very well capable of doing serious damage to the opponent, and they all now look very much like real weapons with fine details and with little transparency if he puts enough power into them.

    The conditions that comes with his weapons can now last for a long time. Very few horses can resist these conditions now, and if one does manage to break out of it, the side effects of breaking out of his conditions is enough to cause a good knockback, and quite possibly a headache that could last for several days. Malchior can draw all of his weapons out and in multiples of each if necessary(he can create a wall of swords around himself). At this level, Malchior is numb to the pain that is normally associated when he pulls his weapons out. His concentration is excellent now, and it’s hard to break his focus at this point. If the weapons are shattered at this level, their range is better than before, a good 5ft-7ft, and the conditions attached is more annoying than the lower levels(not enough to be significant, however). Both his barrier and his weapons can now be drawn many times, and the cooldown phase for them has shortened just a little bit.



Credit for my poop hand for future drawing of Mal.