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Over the hill, far away I'll go to see you again

She smells like summer rain on wild roses, beautifully mild and alluring

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OOC & Character(s)


Decorated by a silvery white coat, as soft as the finest silk, she's a very pale mare. Dainty in stature but strong underneath that fragile frame. Her mane and tail is clad in long, thick hair, as silky as her coat, never getting tangled, ven though it drags the ground. The feathering on the hooves are long and fine in texture, coming from the back of her pasterns, reaching the ground. Her strong yet delicate body is decorated with fine diamonds along her back and some on her neck, and they easily cathes the light, throwing reflections here and there at times.
Atop of her head a pair of crystal horns grow, ever growing and unfurling the swirls some of the points have, and growing in length as well. One day they will look like a majestic crown of crystal deer horns. The crystal is strong, almost unbreakable, but will grow out again if broken. Going down from the horns, her blue eyes are filled with intelligence and strength, but as she's still young, there's a bit of uncertainty there as well, A kind of mistrust in th world around her since she's not compltely grown into her skin yet.


Yaviél was raised as the daughter of a great leader, a king, and her personality have taken shape accordingly. Although headstrong and stubborn, there's also kindness and instinctive care that drives her. There's probably not a bad bone in this girl, and although she as well can get angry of course, it's a rare happning, and it's very hard to get her there. Although, if it does happen, it won't be fun. That stubborn mind mixed with anger might not cool off so easily.
But on the overall, you can describe her personality as water. Soft and gentle when you're not forcing it, and in the moment that you try to force her way, she'll get hard and unyielding, breaking everything that tries to cross her surface. Although never selfish, she's righteous and fair, for herself and others, so if she knows that she have done something wrong, she'll eventually tell you so, and apologize, sooner rather than later.


Yaviél was born and raised almost like a princess, to just as loving parents as anyone. Mostly resembling her mother in looks, the diamonds and horns was something that she had gotten from her father. The horns were just nubs when she was younger, but the grew when she got older, the curls of the crystal unfolding more and more with each passing year. She had not a care in the world as she grew up, even though there was things that she had to be taught at an early age, such as how to rule, how to handle other horses, and how to be kind but independent. Many suitors came and went, but she followed none, as she wanted to stay and help her family as best as she could.
As her herd and family was attacked shortly after she'd turned 3, she was separated from her family and chased into the Bifrost by Selven and his gang.

Crystal Manipulation


Arcana is currently dormant

Apprentice - Locked
With the arcane just awakening, Yaviél can just shape crystal that already exist in the ground. Smaller things are possible to shape into almost anything, but the bigger the thing is, the harder it is to shape, and it can be almost indistinguishable. It takes quite a bit of energy.

Adept - Locked
Her skills keep developing, and as it now take less energy, she can also easier shape things, even if it’s of a bigger size. She can start to create crystal and not only use the existing ones around her. As the control grows bigger, it still needs some concentration, especially to create and put a specific shape to it. It can now also start to be used as projectiles, since she can control it through air as well.

Master - Locked
Creating, shaping and controlling crystal now becomes almost effortless. It’s always easier to use already existing crystal, and big shapes and structures can still drain some energy, but it’s much easier and less taxing.

Virtuoso - Locked
Using the crystal manipulation becomes a second nature, building with it, using it as armor and using it as dangerous projectiles with barely any concentration. It reacts to her moods and unconscious thoughts which makes it incredibly easy for her to control. Building large structures and defenses is easy, and she can use her projectiles almost as a gattling gun, sinc it’s become much easier for her to create crystal at will.



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