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Vitaliya Dragomir
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Vitaliya Dragomir
Despite being a creature of blood and death, this winged mare smells of a fresh breeze on a moonlit night, with a hint of wildflowers.

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OOC & Character(s)


She was born a beauty and grew up to be even more beautiful as time went on. Born with a shimmering coat of rose gold and a strong pair of wings, she immediately looked a lot like her older brother, but as time went by her horns grew in and formed her fathers’ pair of ram horns, ivory in color, with tips that looked like they had been dipped in blood, and deep red eyes with a barely visible pupil. Her body is strong a sleek, legs built for speed but powerful shoulders and hindquarters also able to put out quite a bit of strength at times. The head sits upon a beautifully arched neck, decorated with a long silky mane. The wings she sports have a slightly translucent property to them, with ivory claws at the tips, and strong enough to help her travel far and wide.

Everything about this mare breathes beauty and strength, and this is what she’s known far, this is how she looks now and how she looked before the curse that was laid upon her.


- Arrogant and Aristocratic This comes from just being born into the family that she have. From a very young age, she have been praised by her father for her beauty and bloodthirst. That combined with them being a very high class family, aristocrats even, have made her very arrogant and confident in herself. She knows where she comes from and who she is, and what she’s worth, so there’s not many that she would consider her equals. Her brother Vladius is so far the only one.

- Bloodthirsty and cynical She’s an absolute cynical when it comes to people around her, at least most people, her family will always be an exception. For her this have never been an issue, but rather a strength since she’s always had an incredible thirst for blood, and lots of it. It’s part of why she was praised by her father, as it made her completely ruthless. She could have several victims in one night to drink, while her brother might just have had one, and she didn’t care who she chose for that particular night. It got her in trouble sometimes, but as the cynical mare she is, she never cared much but just took care of the problem.

- Free spirit and bored Despite the life she’s been living, she’s always been kind of bored. As her father wanted to name her heir, it was never a life that appealed to her. It would have tied her down and put her in a golden cage somewhere, to rule over the family. At the time, this wasn’t something that she wanted, so it was widely known that she didn’t want to have anything to do with her fathers’ throne. She rather stayed like she was, a free, vicious spirit, always leaping from place to place to explore and bring carnage on new places.

- Intelligent and calculating Even though she’s always been haunted by this extreme bloodthirst and lust for chaos, she’s always been extremely intelligent and calculating of her surroundings. Not a single detail have gone her by most of the time, and she can often figure out exactly how you are as a personality just by watching you from afar, watching your actions and your expressions. In many cases she can calculate her opponents movements and predict how they are going to act, and thus she’s often many steps ahead of them, making sure of their doom as her victim.

- Lustful but alone With this thirst and intelligence, there’s also a natural lustful nature about her, and although she never have kept one lover for any long period of time, it haven’t been unusual for her to have one. But as none really meet her requirements of being at least her equal, they have often had a short life with her before they have become her next meal. None have however caught her eye in anything more than a lustful way, none have managed to sway her arrogant feelings and made her feel something… More.



Looks like this characters history details are missing.

Blood bending




Reference: Me (lines by Akatobs)