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In an unfair world, everything will tip to my advantage

He smells like the deep autumn earth and the newly burnt out black oak

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A coat as deep and black as the darkest of nights, a long lion-esque tail with a big tuft on the end, his mane short and forelock long, framing the horns and eyes that adorn his cruel face. There is nothing comforting about this stallion. His eyes are pupiless, never seizing to watch you, scrutinizing very step you take. As they glow faintly, it would feel as a nightmare would reach closer for each step, would he come walking towards you in the night, amongstwith the red markings on his neck and face. The red veins on various parts of his body are faint, but there if you look closely. Horns and spikes potrudes from his face, sharp like knives, just like the claws on his black appandages. they were once wings, but as the membrane has been ripped apart, they are all that is left. They can move and be expressive, even be used in battle.

As it probably isn't visible from the start, you will probably be surprised to see his large mouth when he starts to speak. the elongated opening reveals an almost reptilian mouth and sharp, curved teeth, made to hold you in. The smiles made from this mouth are wicked and drenched in his sadistic thoughts about life.


Astaroth is both simple and very complex. With the exceptions of maybe a couple of equines in this world, he hates almost everyone, with a passion so clear and hot it could cut through the sweetest smile of his. He is not a nice, gentle creature, but a sadistic piece of shit that will thrive upon others hateful feelings towards him He will always make his very best to getwhatever he wants, without a care to his own wellbeing. If he have decided on something that he wants., he usually gets it, or fights to the last, red drop of blood to get it.

Gruesome, pupiless eyes, cold as the long winter itself, will scrutinize every part of every being around him, weighing and deciding if you're good enough for him to even pay attention to. If he finds you worthy, against all odds, it will probably be against your own will, as he's not against kidnapping or hurting someone for his own personal gain. Although, that have yet to happen, no one have so far met his standards, ven though he's always watching, always looking for his own gain.

Ifyou by a miniscule chance gets through his armored fortress of madness, you might find the wicked, true personality he carries, the one he would have been if had not had his mind twisted.


Astaroth was born into a family which was controlled by a monster for a father. The father only cared about strong, capable children and only bred to the mares he felt worthy. Their offspring belonged to him and he craved every minute of their attention and allegiance. Their loyalty was his alone, and for years he manipulated their minds to be shaped into what he wanted them to be. Cruel was their fate, but they knew none of the hardships that they went through, because if you never know anything else, how can you be aware that your life is miserable?
He grew, became a stallion, his mind twisted beyond recognition of who he had been born to be, a simple colt with the world ahead of him. But he still had the world ahad of him, and in his mind, it was all his to play with. Everything was his to pain and torture as much as he wanted, and since the day he set out into the world he have just been growing. Even though a viscious fight got his wings destroyed, he still walked on, his strong, muscled body carrying him step by step around Fimbulvetr.

Demon Physiology


Arcana is currently dormant

Apprentice - Locked
With the new, budding arcana powers that have just unlocked, he can gain short thrusts of enhanced strength, speed and stamina. It's not entirely controllable, but seem tob more likely to activate if he's in a bad mood or have adrenaline rushing through his body.

Adept - Locked
He have gained control over the bursts of enhancement, and they last longer, but even so, it's hard to control it and it takes more energy to control it than to let it happen naturally. As a fluke, he sometimes unconsciously creates spikes of different materials around him,as weapons, but he have no control over them, and they are unlikely to harm anyone, if he doesn't get really lucky.

Master- Locked
With full control over the enhancements, they now take less energy. He can now sprout new membrane out of his damaged wings and fly with them. It's not permanent, but can hold as long as he puts energy into it. The control over the creation of the spikes and the projection of them has increased greatly.

Virtuoso - Locked
The energy required to use his demon physiology is significantly less taxing on his energy and concentration, and he now have effortless control over it, with the creation of the spikes and membrane going almost instantly.



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