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Jesrith da Analas
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  • Height: 13.3hh
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Jesrith da Analas

the glass-eyed doll

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It is generally incorrect to say that the first thing one notices about Jesrith is her height, but it is not an insignificant piece of information. She stands only thirteen hands and three inches tall, and quite enjoys being treated like an innocent little child. Even if she's really not all too innocent and definitely not really childlike, so she could associate more with a doll. Seen everything, but could't change herself without shattering. She tends to move with grace, her steps methodical with the appearance that it was planned and rehearsed weeks and months in advance, though of course one such as she needed only a moment to find her perfection. She is not a marionette. While this isn't truly part of how she looks, it can be noted that her voice bears witness to both seagulls and crows, in that it is somehow both raw and screeching, a combination she refers to as "husky," with a faint chicken warble when it moves into her rare "bedroom" voice.

And now, yes now, let talk more of how she actually looks, aside from being quite small, but the part one might notice first. Jesrith's skin is a translucent apricot, the deep blue of her bones causing a shadow dance from her skeleton. Her eyes are colorless, though they appear white due to a soft glow that almost seems to come from behind or through her eyes. Oddly enough, she has no vision problems. Her mane and tail, blue and dark red respectively, are long and rather wavy, almost seeming to move by themselves, almost as though they are underwater or gravity does not hold them. This isn't true, as the hairs themselves are a strange blend with scales and hold the hair higher than even most hairsprays could. Her ears are tipped in what appear to be fin spine's from a fish, ending in a few blue spots that occasionally seem to glow. She has a few almost coral-like growths on her front legs, but it is her tail that makes her really more than a little odd. Her top part of her tail, before the hair mixes in, is almost a combination of a bat, a butterfly, and a fish. Claws and hard edges and bluey lights. It's not easy to explain, but her ref is somewhat explicit.


da Analas is quiet and collected when she wants to be, a lady in a few definitions of the term. Her outward grace is nearly negated once she opens her mouth, for above all she values strength and truth and, it appears at times, the sound of her own voice. She judges quickly and scorns quicker still. This being said, she tends not to make first introductions unless she has somehow deemed you worthy of her respect and able to draw her closer to the mystical realm that she deems importance. These are also the only people she will be slightly less honest with, as they "deserve" it, "deserve" to hear pretty platitudes,their egos bolstered until they realize she is wondrous because she sees their inherent wonder.

Jesrith understands that she is not a true leader. Middle management at best, though she prefers the term of "special assistant." While she has a very strict belief as to the worth of any single creature and is long willing to prove all the reasons that you are really quite wrong, she believes she is a flexible person as her morals are somewhat considered "flexible." She rarely outwardly goes after her own goals, preferring to almost "pork barrel," silently pushing whatever she's decided she presently wants as she while doing everything (not even being facetious) that whoever she sees as her queen (used for both males and females) desires.

The translucent mare enjoys watching the sexual advances of others. However, she really doesn't care much about sex. She's not asexual, really, but the rotten lays she's had has caused her to think of it just as something bored people do. She would much rather get into steamy, non-physical relationships. Basically a flirt who rarely lets anyone who responds get anywhere. But fortune favors the bold, so we'll see.


Born to Josrun den Saya and Vasrya da Analas, Jesrith was the oldest child they wished had been born never. Heir to an imaginary throne, they imagined that she would be a queen someday, that she would coming just know that she's a huge disappointment to life

Psychic Poison Manipulation

psychic poison manipulation ability to influence emotions using minicule, rarely visible because they're created in her mind creatures that infect the host until they die

apprentice : really can't do much at all. may be able to suggest that someone gets too apathetic to talk to her even if that was their original intention. and only maybe. and only if she really concentrates. Even then, probably not. More likely, she can enhance feelings they already have. "She looks like a child, but she's so pretty" to "She looks like a child, and hitting on a child would be creepy let's just not."

adept : able to affect more emotions than just apathy, namely sadness, anger, and distaste. These changes happen only in her presence - she can't manipulate someone into being disgusted by their perfect boyfriend once they move away from her - but the effect may return when they see Jesrith again.

master : emotions affected now include almost everything, though it's rarely very strong unless it's for a short amount of time. For instance, she can poison someone "happy" or "angry" but if she tries for "joy" or "enraged" they would last minutes. It is more common that the emotion is like a taste in your mouth - there, and possibly unpleasant, but not especially prevalent.

virtuoso - can now poison emotions, large and small, and it will linger for awhile. In fact, unless she's very careful, these emotions may bleed into other elements of the person's life and she finds it difficult to distort them once they've moved. Of course, those who have trained themselves to without psychic attacks or even trained themselves to be emotionally strong will find her power not especially difficult to negate.



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