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Most visually striking is her coloring, head to toe swathed in the colors of a vividly dying sunset. Deep red-purple and pink on her head and flanks fades into creamy gold on her chest and belly, while further down, all four hooves are dipped in the rich crimson of blood. Her mane and tail are the velvet purple of a summer night, and as they curl down become almost white streaked with gold. Just as golden are her eyes, with no whites to be seen. In darkness they seem to glow with even the barest of light, and more than one has described her gaze as piercing straight into the soul. Always serene, she possesses a captivating and winsome smile that bewitches the mind with promises of things unsaid. In build she has a racer's slim, willowy frame, though without the musculature of long hardship or training. Each movement is precise, elegantly executed, and unhurried.

Since the ill-fated fight against Fenrir and his wolves on the Frozen Shore, she has sported the scars of a wolf's bite on her left hind leg.


Evident from the first word that escapes her lips is a cultured and genteel upbringing. From the second, one might immediately discover a religious devotion bordering on the enlightened. A rather imperturbably calm emotional state seems to spring from an equally unwavering dedication to her nameless gods of the celestial bodies and spirits of the earth, about whom she will wax eloquent if given the opportunity and a willing audience. A true priestess of the people, she is magnanimous, charmingly silver-tongued, and difficult to provoke, even by the most dogged of naysayers. Though she never proselytizes where it is unwelcome, she is nonetheless always ready to teach and spread her faith to anyone willing to learn.

Beyond the obvious, however, is a keen intellect that lies far beyond blind devotion. Contrary to popular belief, it is her razor-sharp insight and empath instincts, not her golden eyes, that allow her to lay bare the souls of others. With that and some carefully-chosen words, she can prove very persuasive and charming. She excels at insinuating herself with those she wishes to befriend, although of her motives, she will say only that she, like all others, bends to the wills of the gods.


Born in a far-off foreign land, a young Kagura was quickly initiated into the order of her dam, grand-dam, and a long maternal lineage before her, an order of priestesses tasked with the maintenance of religious rites and faith. The head of her order named her Higurashi, a nod to her brilliant coloring reminiscent of a vivid sunset at day's end. It was regarded as an auspicious omen - though many in her lineage were similarly brightly-colored, few so closely captured the natural beauty of the heavens at their most beautiful.

For the faith that they fervently kept worshiped the gods and spirits of nature, the force that wheeled the sun and moon and stars in the sky and breathed life into the earth, the wind, and the water. Just as nameless as these gods and goddesses was their faith, but their order of priestesses kept it alive and well through the long ages with ritual and song... and a little bit more. Unbeknownst to most in the land that they presided over, they passed down through their female lineages a most curious ability, the power to change and shape feelings and emotions around them. This they used not only to settle disputes and heal sadness, but also to strike the wonder of the divine into even the most cynical of nonbelievers. The most inept of their line was able to only sense others' feelings in a heightened way (and thus most probably remained a priestess of lower rank), but the most practiced and talented of them could rouse a crowd into almost blindly passionate religious fervor. Some called it uncanny, while others called it divine blessing. Many adhered to the faith with a need like addiction, begging the good priestesses to bestow just another glimpse of the gods' grace upon them. Over the years, this established them as de facto rulers of their sizable, though isolated, realm.

Higurashi was no less devoted to her faith than the rest of her order that maintained it, and from a young age she proved her inheritance with the mysterious power of her ancestors. Unlike the rest of the priestesses, however, she cast her sights farther and higher than their secluded enclave. One visitor to their lands proved a sudden and rare opportunity to leave and see the world beyond. A king of a faraway land, bereft of his beloved consort too early, came to the fabled order where he had heard they could heal the most broken of hearts. There, not only did he find the sacred order, but among them he met Higurashi, the most beautiful draft of nepenthe who soothed his pain with enchanting songs and words of divine wisdom. By the time he returned to his kingdom far away, he had converted to her faith and taken this sunset-colored priestess with him as a new concubine.

Higurashi Kagura arrived at his kingdom's capital amid much whispering and speculation. What kind of dark magic, they wondered, had put their king's old love so far from his mind that he would bring back some foreign bride with a name they could hardly pronounce? Though all who met her found their worries smoothed away by her charismatic charm, still many found it in their hearts to foster distrust and jealousy. When the priestess began to accrue a small but growing following of converts to her faith, her king included, the queen mother decided to act swiftly. When the king was away on other business, an assassin was sent to quietly dispatch of the foreign witch in such a way as to make it look accidental.

Perhaps not so mysteriously, said assassin experienced a sudden change of heart when he did come face-to-face with Higurashi. An overwhelming pang of guilt prevented him from actually killing the young priestess, though she was forced to leave everything behind and flee for her life. Alone in the uncharted wilds she wandered, though she was never lost - she had faith that her gods were guiding her footsteps even then. And guide they did, straight into the waiting maw of the Bifrost. From there, led by a kirin stallion called Davaros, she made her way to Vromme and settled in the river lands there, establishing herself as a Jarl and resident Priestess. Her liaisons with Davaros resulted in a child being born to the pair, a beautiful daughter whom Higurashi named Kasumi.



Enhanced natural empathy and slight adjustments to a prior-existing emotion. E.g., a gentle bolstering or dampening of sadness where the object is already sad. Cannot introduce a new emotion that was not previously naturally incurred. Limit 1 individual at a time.

Can now additionally introduce a foreign emotion not previously felt, though it cannot be manipulated to the extent and strength of a native feeling. E.g., making someone who was previously calm experience an inexplicable feeling of anger. Previously-existing emotions, however, can be heightened or muted at will. Limit 2 individuals at a time.

Master {locked}
Introduced and native emotions can be manipulated to the same extent. With concentration, a single emotion of 1 individual can be heightened to an overwhelming degree (e.g., inducing crippling guilt in a remorseless individual). To a lesser extent, emotions of up to 5 individuals can be manipulated at will.

Virtuoso {locked}
Emotions of dozens of individuals can be artificially heightened or restricted at a time. The higher the number of objects, or the greater the change in emotion, the more concentration and energy required. In the extreme, any feeling can be numbed to nearly nothing or made all-consuming and overwhelming.



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