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V i c t o r i A

i've been walking through a world gone blind
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OOC & Character(s)


U n v e i l i n G

What is there to say about this striking girl? Victoria is a beautiful mix of Egyptian Arabian and Thoroughbred, making her a perfect Anglo-Arabian. The dishing of her face is very minimal while her neck is a wild concoction of thin and thick at the same time. From her neck her body is firm and well-muscled; Victoria is built for stamina. Her legs are very defined and well-worked for a three year old horse. From muscled legs, we run our eyes up to Victoria’s thick hind. Her hips are slightly wide-set which leaves little to the imagination. As most Arabians do Victoria carries a high tail.

Coloration is where Victoria gets rather interesting. If you start from her face she seems almost normal. A creamy white bald face plays peek-a-boo with a starkly contrasting deep, inky black at the edge of her jawline. This black drips down to the end of her neck and bleeds into her pastel blues, purples, and teals like wet paint. On her neck she carries the same creamy white color in the shape of a bat, almost as if it were a neck tattoo. Above this bat are three upside-down crucifixes in the same white. Around Victoria’s neck is a tight, leather choker with a pure silver crescent moon charm. Victoria wields a black nose piercing in her left nostril, and two bar piercings in her right ear. As any lady of her lifestyle would, Victoria has permanently bleeding mascara dripping from her eyes.

Past Victoria’s neck you will find a mingling of pastel purples, blues, teals, and pinks stealing shy kisses with one another. These colors run freely until they are swallowed whole by high black stockings on each leg. Her stockings make way for a much defined black marking on her right side. This marking is a distinct image of a cat sitting in a tree. These stockings are met and cut off by metallic-esque pastel purple and blue hooves.

Her mane and tail are quite a sight to behold. While long and full of beach waves, neither seem to ever get in the way. The color of her mane and tail are a mix of the same pastel blues and purples plaguing her body. Mostly, they are tied up by loose buns to keep maintained, but occasionally they are let loose in all of their beautiful, lock-y glory.

Finally, in minor detail, we have Victoria’s oily black moon and stars on her right hip. The same black is splattered in scarce places on her body. This same black is used to give the illusion of stitches across her mouth, but in reality they are only painted with genetics. Last but not least, Victoria sports a pair of striking spectacles. Her eyes are bright and big, and fade from a luscious lavender to a beautiful baby blue.


A n i m A

Would it be cliché to say that Victoria is completely misunderstood? Her personality stems from the emotional abuse she suffered from as a child. Partial recluse, but at the same time she’s a party-animal. Gatherings are sort of her thing as long as she can brood from afar and leave early feeling slightly accomplished, or with someone…whichever comes first. Victoria uses humor as an emotional crutch. If she’s uncomfortable the first thing she will do is crack a joke or pull a self-depreciating comment out of her sleeve. Although anxiety ridden and incredibly depressed, Victoria is surprisingly high-functioning. Add a sprinkle of ADHD, and a pinch of “not afraid to tell you like it is” spice, and you’ve got a well-baked mess of a horse. Victoria enjoys long walks to her napping spot, arguing when she knows she’s right, and kicking you in the shins.

All in all Victoria is a hot mess, but she is the sweetest and most giving personality. If you need her, she’s there whenever. Don’t let her hard exterior and resting bitch face fool you.


Y e s t e r y e a R

Emotional abusive beings don’t really grasp what they’re doing to their children in the moment. The years of healing that it takes to heal the mental wounds do not add up in their heads. They say things in the heat of the moment, and apologize later. They force YOU to apologize for things you didn’t do, or for very minimal mistakes that aren’t worth the argument. So you apologize. They gaslight you and call you crazy, and tell you that you made up everything in your fucked up head when you know you didn’t.

Has that summed up my childhood enough? My name is Victoria. I was named Victoria by my mother who felt the need to name me after the Latin word for victory. I was a victory in her eyes, I guess. She successfully entrapped my dear old asshole of a father by conceiving, and made her own bed with her pregnancy too.

A bouncing foal is all she had ever wanted, but the sacrifices that came with it was something my mother was not prepared for. I was left alone a lot as a very small thing. I never really learned anything from her or my father, but instead taught myself by watching. My mother and father fought a lot over really dumb things. My father never called me “Victoria”, but instead called me “that thing” or “it”. That’s every small filly’s dream, isn’t it?

Eventually I grew up without guidance. I turned two and my father and mother felt the need to tell me how to be and what to do. They should have known better. They split soon after. My father left with his new fling and my mother wept her crocodile tears. She knew she didn’t love him, because everyone grows up. Everyone changes.

Now I’m just sort of here. Chilling out and starting a band. That’s a joke, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

Extrasensory Perception


A r c a n A

☽ apprentice As Victoria’s arcana is realized, she begins to have flashes of heightened intuition. This power allows Victoria the ability to know when bad, good, or unlucky things may or may not happen. As it progresses, Victoria earns the right to gain knowledge on subjects (like witchcraft, healing, battle, etc.) without research. When Victoria is ready to advance her skills, she is fully realized in her heightened intuition and can use it; this power is unwavering.

☽ adept Hand in hand with her intuition comes a new power as she grows her skills. Victoria now gains the gift of EMF detection – the ability to detect spirit and speak with the dearly departed for a very limited amount of time. This opens a temporary portal and is quite dangerous for anyone involved. With Victoria’s growth in power comes a longer, accurate, more efficient line of communication with spirit.

☽ master At this state Victoria feels energy coursing through her veins that she cannot silence. It is now that she realizes her third powerful gift: Clairvoyance – the gift of gaining information (to a certain extent without power-playing) about items, people, and places. While many would be unsure with this new-found sight Victoria embraces it. She will learn quickly and master her clairvoyance.

☽ virtuoso The last, but certainly not least, of her powers is Retrocognition. What this is, is the recollection of past events by touching, hearing, or seeing anyone with memories of those past events. Victoria is able to “see” these events like a movie playing in her mind. This, of all her powers, is the most taxing on her mind. This power may come in to play if there are discrepancies in Houses, battles, or agreements. In other words -- Victoria cannot be lied to.



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