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Smells like: frost covered roses married to the embers of dying coals

Father: Ozereus

Mother: Sloan

Half-siblings: Beherit, Boudica, Maren, Rowan, Narcissa

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Slaine is the perfect blend between her mother and the father she has never met. Her base coloring, under typical lighting is a black and white appaloosa, however, upon further inspection and at just the right angle...the black is actually an extremely dark green. She receives this green undertone as well as the appaloosa markings courtesy of her mother, Sloan. From Sloan, she also receives thorn wrapped hair decorated with roses of both red and black and the tiny crow skull that rests at the base of her tail. From the nape of her neck, to the tip of her muzzle she is nearly a clone of her mother; her skin is white, her mane the same green-black, and her facial markings eerily similar. The difference between dam and girl here is that where Sloan bears crimson eyes, Slaine bears her father’s eyes; black that appear silver due to the galaxy that spins in each eye. Around her neck, she also bears a small brown leather pouch, the contents of which she leaves to your imagination.

From Ozereus, she receives the great wings that carry her all over the world, though they are a smaller version of his. She also receives some of his height, making her several hands taller than her mother, but still shorter than Oz. Her build more closely resembles his, as well, though more refined and feminine than his intense musculature; she is muscled like a draft breed, but retains the gentle curves of a lighter horse. These curves trace across her body and down strong, shapely legs, to end in feathered feet and grey-black hooves. The length of her hair is similar to that of her father’s as well, the longest section of her mane kisses the ground while roughly a foot of her tail drags on the ground behind her.

Unlike either of her parents, Slaine’s tail is the purest white; a bitter reminder it will be to Ozereus of his appearance before he Fell from Heaven and became the Fallen angel that he is today.


Her personality is not overly complex nor does she try to be anything that she is not. Slaine is an upfront, quick-witted, sarcastic woman who is absolutely not afraid to tell you how it is. She is more likely to assault someone with her sharp tongue than with physical force, but do not be fooled, she will grow into a woman not fearful of confrontation. Despite never meeting the man, she takes more after her father than her mother in terms of her personality. She can be brash and cruel, willing to lie with an impressive poker face; but under it all she has a heart of gold. A truer friend impossible to find, should she deem someone worthy enough to call her as such. Though Ozereus has not been in her life, she holds no bitterness towards him and wields none of the stereotypical father issues or trust issues. But rather, she simply determines a person’s worth based on their actions and forms her opinion that way. Once her mind is made up, be prepared to move mountains in order the change it.

To summarize: Slaine is an intelligent, fearless, loyal, and sarcastic woman who would sooner suffocate you with words than with the pillow in the corner.


Slaine’s life has been rather uneventful thus far, though she is a well-traveled girl thanks to her mother’s pursuit of another child. She was born in the autumn to Sloan and lived a quiet life with her mother before striking out on her own in an effort to find her father. Her mother told her when she was a few months old, the name of her father and that he did not know of her existence. The questions surrounding the circumstances of her birth needled away at her, and shortly before her second birthday, she left.

For weeks she journeyed, seeking information on a stranger fitting Ozereus’s description. Sloan was unable to provide much knowledge regarding him aside from his name and appearance; their liaison short-lived. She did not come across many who attempted to cause harm, and if they did, she was quick to take flight and use the advantage oversized wings afforded her. Eventually, she came across a small town with several fresh graves and an overall wariness in the air. Slaine asked around, the locals a bit hesitant to discuss the events, but an innkeeper whispered the tale to her. A great, dark man, surrounded by shadows and death swept in, killing an elderly man and a child before taking on those who came to apprehend him.

She contemplated pursuing this man whose description fit that of her father. He sounded like a monster. Nevertheless, the girl set off in the direction the innkeeper stated the man’s impressive wings carried him in. A few more days went by, but her course remained unchanged, confident in her decision to find the shadowy figure that may be Ozereus. A large tree loomed in the distance and she saw her first glimpse of a dark outline darting around swinging limbs. Excitement stirred in her chest and she flew faster, hopeful to catch up to the distracted man. Unfortunately, he vanished from sight underneath the tree before she was in shouting range. Frustrated, she quickly landed in front of the twisting roots and looked for any sign of the path he chose. Eager to not lose him for long, she chose quickly and charged into the cavernous root system, more determined than ever to find her father.

In Fimbulvetr:

Nothing yet!

Shadow Caster


Apprentice: At this level, her abilities mimic her father’s and the shadows conceal her location. Unlike either parent, she also develops the skill to cause mild fear in a subject of her choosing, it lasts mere seconds but is effective. Performing either of these abilities will leave her considerably fatigued afterward.

Adept: Her shadows can now conceal and transport her via shadow-stepping, her range is limited at this point to only shadows within her line of sight. Slaine is now able to impart a broader range of negative emotions such as stronger fear, panic, and despondence; it can be felt by up to three victims. Shadow-stepping increases her fatigue to the point of collapse and she can only do it once per day without serious repercussions. The effects of creating emotions in others do not last quite as long, with practice, she is able to hold the false emotion for longer with less fatigue but slight headaches are possible.

Master: Her abilities continue to grow and morph; through endless hours of practice she is able to conjure any negative emotion and have it felt by up to seven subjects. However, the longer she holds it the larger a headache she now receives and depending on the size of the group she is emotionally attacking...nosebleeds are possible. Shadow-stepping becomes a breeze with no drawbacks at this stage unless she attempts to carry another with her; she can also step to a shadow outside her line of sight. She can cross between shadows, without ill effects, three times per day.

Virtuoso: She has mastered shadows entirely at this point. Her skills have improved to the point where repercussions are minimal. Slaine’s ability to conjure false feelings in others can be accomplished in seven others without fatigue or nosebleeds. Her shadow-stepping can now include up to seven trips per day and she can easily transport one other with her; but the limit of one remains.



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