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Lumina Rinascita
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Borrowing from the best of both her parents' coat colors and general appearances, Lumina is a pretty amalgamation of both. Her color scheme is most like her mothers with a predominantly seafoam green coat that transitions to a sooty black on the dorsum of her back. Her coloring transitions abruptly to white along her neck near her mane and along her legs, but small, round patches of black adorn her legs. Her legs have stripe-like markings that look similar to lightning bolts with different branches of white, and her face has a similar marking as well. Her hooves are dual-toned, corresponding to the markings on her legs. Her tail is black but transitions to a faint teal color, reminiscent of her father. Her mane is both white and black, and both strands transition to the same teal as her tail. From her shoulders protrude several rocky spires that are unusually lightweight considering their length. They're technically a part of her, but they do not grow any longer than they currently are and will probably not regenerate if they are for some reason knocked off or broken. Her eyes are a beautiful teal color but strangely lack a pupil, much like her father's eyes.


Growing up in an isolated family herd with relatively little interaction with equines outside of her small family, Lumina is a shy, introverted individual. When approached, she is typically last to speak and remains on the outskirts of conversation of most groups. However, she can always be found with a pleasant smile despite her silence. She's friendly and kind to all she meets, but due to her upbringing and lack of real-world education, she is a bit sheltered and naive. Her father raised her never to judge based on first appearances, but she tends to reserve judgment and make excuses for those with sullied souls. Expect her to be awkward in tense situations and avoid conflict like the plague, for neither of her parents was very good at handling the little conflict they encountered in their lives. She has a good sense of what is considered moral behavior and will do her best to act in a way that fits with that moral compass. She's quite young and is still a work in progress.


Lumina was born on the outskirts of Caeleste, the place where her parents met and fell in love. She has very little memory of her mother, and it seems to be a sore subject for her father. Every time she brings up vague, fleeting memories of her mother, her father frowns and moves the conversation to another topic. As far as she is aware, her life began with their mother, but as soon as she and her brother were old enough to survive on their own, her mother was out of the picture. However, despite her lack of a true mother figure, her father picked up the slack for both parents. He consoled them during the tough days and celebrated their victories on the good days, always supporting them no matter what. He taught them to be kind and considerate to others, and because of his inability to speak clearly, she learned to understand body language and the subtle intricacies of unspoken conversations. She loves her father dearly and continued to stay with him until the day that he encouraged her to go off on her own and forge her own path in life. Understanding that she couldn't stay with him and her brother forever, she left to discover her own destiny.

None at this moment! I would expect her to eventually gain some abilities though.



Reference from Ray-guna