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Renegade x Orchid
Draco, Luthais

Adopted son of Io Kairavi
Brother to Amrod & Itarillë

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Luthais' body type is a careful blend of both his parents. He retains some of his Belgian fathers height but is slimmed down thanks to his mother's blood. When it comes to his colouring, however, he very distinctly takes after his dappled mother. Where she was heavily dappled he keeps much of his solid base. A deep black-grey he is marked with darker flecks across his face, and shoulders. His face is also marked with similar specks but these are an off-white. He has some dapples but they are few, mostly noticeable upon his shoulders, withers, hip, rump, and lightly across his eyes.

All of his hair is black with his mane being rather excessive in length, and his tail being far shorter – barely reaching past his thighs. His eyes are also something of an oddity. They're a dark, almost black colour that reflects a deep navy or - on some occasions - an off red.

Where he was once born with bone-growths similar to his father's, there is now nothing but faint scarring. They were originally a dark obsidian in color with a slight translucency in the thinner areas. They have all since been removed and have not grown back. The only one of these such growths that he has kept is the one atop his head. A thick horn of sorts, it's also the rich obsidian color but all throughout it are cracks that reveal a deep red with an almost gem-like quality. There are two naturally occurring holes within the structure and Luthais has taken to looping metal piercings through these.

Even as a child Luthais has worn a thick, black infinity scarf he picked up as the dusty old remains of a cloak. He cherishes it and it’s extremely uncommon to see him without it. He has also taken to tucking roses with the dark folds, though he has never been able to explain why. A new addition to his attire is a delicate, beautiful pearl necklace. This is kept around his neck at all times as well and can often be seen poking out from under the dark fabric of his scarf. He keeps this tucked away and only a rare few are ever given glimpses of his small treasure. He holds this necklace - and feather - close to his heart as a memory and reminder of his believed-to-be late adoptive mother.


true neutral - ENFP
Luthais is a mess of uncertain emotions. Born to a fragmented family of sexism and dominance, he is something of a black sheep when compared to his more obedient siblings. He didn’t follow the rules set out by his father, and instead came to loathe the life that was presented to him. He didn’t want to force dominance, and he certainly didn’t think he was above anyone else. As a result he was easily alienated from his blood relatives at a very young age. He grew from a shaky, but devout foal to a conflicted, but far more certain young adult.

He doesn’t put his trust in many - nor very easily - but he is a loyal friend, and often times an open ear to those who seek it. Try as he might Luthais is unable to ignore the pleas of others. He has grown to accept this over the years and often finds himself willingly offering a helping hand to those who request it.

Despite this his view upon himself is low. He doesn’t believe he is a gentle, caring soul though his actions often say otherwise. He comes across as prickly and his words can be sharp. He doesn’t take well to authority and has a natural tendency to scoff any anyone who might demand otherwise. His words can be vicious and unfairly warranted at times of heightened emotions.

At one point Luthais believed he should have been the son his father wanted. It was a difficult hurdle to overcome to think otherwise, but he has finally begun to reach a point in his life where he’s beginning to accept who he is. He doesn’t take well to compliments of any sort, and he’s likely to turn them down or ignore them altogether. It’s not easy to flatter him and he isn’t often swayed by pretty words.

He remains conflicted on some of his morals. For some part of him thinking a cruel thought is effortless, and he finds himself identifying with ill-placed intentions easily. Because of this he remains something of a wild card when it comes to what is right and wrong in his mind.


His mother was a harem mare who wasn’t particularly willing. He was the second born of the pair - his older brother, Draco, was an almost identical copy of their father personality was. Luthais on the other hand was named by his mother and found himself far more attached to her. As a child he did what he could to avoid his father. He would wander - dangerously so - from the safety of their herd in order to seek out places where his conflicted, torn family couldn’t reach. It worked, mostly. His childhood was far from perfect, and while he was often miserable he was reminded that it could have been worse.

Among these young childhood memories is a single encounter he hold dear. He met Mir, another foal his age. The two were fast friends and for a time Luthais found himself forgetting about the worries of his home life. However all to soon he had to leave and face reality again.

He grew up under the shadow of his older siblings and remained the youngest for some time. His brother was the pride of their family, while he could barely measure up. He loathed the cruelty that his sire seemed to crave but longed for the belonging of the herd. He worshipped their deity, tried to measure up to their ways. Over and over again he fell short - until the burning.

Luthais answered the call of royalty to come to his Queen’s side. She - along with her beast, a dragon - aimed to set the woodlands of a neighboring herd aflame. It was a success. Luthais was conflicted by this. Torn between listening to the ideals of his homeland or standing up for the innocents they were tormenting he stood at a loss. In the end he couldn’t follow through with his Queen’s wishes, and instead betrayed all that he knew.

His father loathed him. His brother wished nothing more to do with him. At least he was left with the knowledge that his mother would have been proud.

Still barely out of his childhood Luthais was cast adrift. He no longer belonged among his blood and he would have been forsaken in his homelands. It was by some strange twist of fate that he found himself faced with the very Woodlands that had been set ablaze. Perhaps he sought punishment for what his herd had done but he submitted himself to them. He was interrogated and reduced to slavery for a time. In the weeks that followed he was mostly left to his own aside from the occasional question as to what his homeland may have been planning.

It was by some odd blessing that he met Io Kairavi. She encircled the young boy and brought him into the folds of her young family. In her he found a mother-figure that had been otherwise denied for much of his life.

Despite his title within the herd he had begun to find himself growing comfortable among the tower trees. This was all slammed in his face when the hierarchy of the herd was thrown to the wind. A new power stepped in to lead and in turn exiled everyone currently left dwelling within the forest lands. Luthais went from slave to outcast in the blink of an eye. He watched as dissent fell upon the people. He left the woodlands with a curse from his bastard deity and was left to wander for some time.

Had it not been for Io once more Luthais wasn’t sure where he may have ended up. His adoptive mother gained him entry into the woods once more and he was finally seen as a regular citizen. For a time he was content again in his quiet home. He watched as Io’s children grew, watched as the woods blossomed. It was almost enough to trick him into believing that he could again be happy. Tragedy shook in the dead of night in the form of Io Kairavi’s death.

It left Luthais broken. The Woods and Elysium as a whole had started to become a place of heartbreak and ruin. Upon seeking out Mir the pair left their homelands and sought out refuge elsewhere.


None at present. Will likely rediscover abilities along the way.



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