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This is Mir. He climbs trees.

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OOC & Character(s)


Being a mix of Marwari x Akhal-teke x Arabian this boy is hard to describe sometimes. He has a pretty thick build despite his breed due to being a mix of dragon and equine. His ears are a bit bigger than normal and the wings that sprout from his shoulders resemble those of a bat's. His coat is a light brown that fades into cream-colored scales around his face, rump, and legs. On his coat are blue/green markings that consist of: A blaze down his face, two skills on his shoulders, two stripes on his neck that meet up underneath, stripes on his legs, and some stripes on his rump. The wings are the same light brown as his coat but fade into the blue/green shade of his markings. His eyes are a bright violet and he has two pairs, one normal pair and then another, smaller pair above that. He has sharp, dragon-like teeth in his mouth and a pointed tongue. The boy has no mane but his tail just barely brushes the ground and is black where it meets his rump and changes to almost white at the tips. Mir has an array of golden jewelry that he has accumulated throughout his life. A chain connects each point on his wings, from the part that meets his body to the top. Another chain wraps around his neck and holds a black crystal. There is a golden faceplate on the front of his head, from the tip of his muzzle to just behind his ears, and has two small, cream-colored horns. Gold bands wrap around those horns and connect to chains that go to his ears, where two earrings are placed.


Despite his looks this boy is actually extremely sweet. He is always willing to make new friends to go on adventures with and hear their stories in order to learn from them. He loves to see new things, explore new places, and experience all that he can. He does have his moments where he can become angry or upset but those really only happen when his family is threatened or he sees something that just isn't right. He isn't that big of a fighter but he wants to learn the basics in order to be able to defend the ones he loves. His blood family is no longer around and this makes him that much more protective of the ones he has chosen to be his family. It might take a while to get into his inner-circle and be considered a part of the family but once there he will forever consider them family. He believes in more chances than anyone should but at some point he will just walk away.


He was born to two mares but raised by his aunt along with his twin sister. He has never met one of his mothers and only met his other mother a few times before she vanished. His twin sister also vanished around this time. As a colt he was always exploring the forest that he called home. He could most likely be found up in the branches of the trees. The beginning of his life was full of adventure and fun. He met a couple good friends, including Luthais. He has great memories of them and, if given the option, he would go back. After a few years his life started to fall apart. The herd he lived with was attacked by another herd and a fire burned through his forest. He managed to escape with a broken wing and a few scrapes but his family was gone. He has no idea how exactly his aunt died but he found her body in the ashes. He found his mother but it wasn't long before she was gone too. All he was left with was a home partly burned and Luthais. He became a shadow of himself, drifting through the trees with nowhere in particular to go. It wasn't long before he eventually left his home to go looking for a place that didn't make his heart twinge painfully.



[ ] Apprentice : Can perform feats of dexterity that usually requires opposable thumbs, such as holding items by a handle, opening doors, etc. [ ] Adept : Can perform feats of dexterity that usually require arms and hands such as climbing trees and cliffs, putting a key in a lock and turning it, etc... [ ] Master : Can perform feats of dexterity that usually require cat-like flexibility and reflexes such as squeezing through tight spaces, jumping to great heights, balancing on thin surfaces, etc. [ ] Virtuoso : Capable of world class feats of dexterity. Back flips, balancing on tiny ledges, and picking locks are child's play for you. Basically he's a ninja now.



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