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I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.

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Cloaked entirely in black Ren gives off something of a plain appearance at first glance. His coat, mane, tail, and even antlers are a deep obsidian in color with the only variation being the shade. For a time he gives off a more lanky appearance but all too quickly he’ll grow into himself. Solidly built and muscled, he shows off his friesian bloodlines well. Amidst his dark coloring there are tiny, thin stripes - two upon the base of his neck just before his withers, one upon his left front leg, and four upon his back left leg. They’re a pale cream in color and are the only markings that decorate his body.

His tail is long, having a lion-like base but completely covered in lengthy hair. He has also been blessed with antlers. They will grow to be tall with multiple sharp prongs growing upwards. His mane will weave between the set in long, gentle waves. Ren’s hair is soft and well kept, tended by him in moments of quiet.

What perhaps stands out the most about the boy is his startlingly bright purple eyes. The shade of violet is rich and brightens up his face compared to his otherwise dark appearance. Lastly he wears two pieces of cloth clasped onto matching silver rings around his neck. Upon one side a bright gem can be found hanging from one of the rings.


Ren has changed quite a bit in his first year of life. While his inquisitive nature remains the naivety he possessed has slowly begun to wear away. In its place is an often stone-faced, attentive youth. Do not let his age fool you. Ren is not an overly excitable child. His moods are dampered leaving him with a much more serious nature than many his age. He gives off the appearance of being studious and obedient but under this is a much deeper swell of emotions. He is soaked in negative feelings - there is a shadow looming over the young boy that threatens to break free at any given time.

He is conflicted by this - the anger and upset - and rarely find himself able to navigate these feelings with ease. His temper is short and when he lashes out it’s often in violent ways. He rarely means to react in such an explosive manner. In the aftermath he is usually left feeling regret for his actions. This regret, however, has slowly begun to fade.

His loyalties are hard-won but without them his trust is shaky at best. Ren finds it easier to keep everyone at an arm's length away to refrain from any emotional attachments. While his only true attachment had been with his twin, her new absence is a harsh reality. He admired her once, even felt the burn of envy towards her. Though he had insisted on staying behind he still finds himself faced with anger. A part of him knows it’s his own doing not leaving with his mother and sister but he cannot keep the cruel thoughts at bay.

He knows it’s not true but some part of him seems to enjoy taunting himself with longing. He misses his family and despises the fact that he’s not with them. In order to keep his mind occupied elsewhere he has slowly begun to turn to training and delving deeper into his studies.


The dreamweaver was born far from Slidr Valley to an Emperor and his Regent. The first of two he was given the name Ren, and lived in the lap of luxury. Born of the desert he grew up wandering the heated sands, sneaking out and exploring on his own. The eyes of his parents were often cast elsewhere, occupied with the rulings of an Empire.

A touch of magic sparked within him at a very young age. In sleep he found another world, a land of his own making. He could change every aspect of the dreamscape, for better or worse. While it took energy the young dreamweaver craved the land of his own making. He could incite nightmares, or bestow pleasant wishes. For Ren the sleeping world was his.

In time his mother grew restless. A decision was made at the conclusion of his first year - she would return to her homelands, and his twin sister would follow. Ren, by his own choice, remained at his father's side. It may not have been the best decision for the youth. He wallowed in the stirring anger. It began to boil, until finally he snapped. He left in a flurry of rage to see out his mother.

Along the way he stopped in quiet villages, plagued their dreams, and continued to succumb to the negative emotions lingering inside him. He found himself living for nightmares and tormenting those around him. He never settled. Weeks turned into months and still the dreamweaver had no word of where his family may have gone.

Now in his second year he’s followed the advice of an aged healer to venture this way. Perhaps he can finally settle.

Dream Manipulation


Dream manipulation is not something new to him. He spent many months in his childhood wandering the sleeping realm and having fitful nights because of the vividness of his dreams. As time passed he learned he could manipulate the world around him and believed himself blessed with the false company his mind would conjure when he was away from the waking world.

Apprentice | Since coming through the Bifrost Ren has found it difficult to connect properly with his abilities. Delving into his own dreams seems to be the only gift remaining. Even with this, however, he finds himself extremely limited in what he can do. Ren must be asleep to connect with his own dreams - or the dreams of anyone else(usually those nearby). Presently his ability is erratic, often leaving him completely unsure of whose dreams he may be invading. He cannot manipulate the world around him and for now he is more of an observer. While he doesn’t often consciously try to use his Arcana, it presently takes days to replenish and leaves him feeling as though he has gotten little to no sleep.

Adept | Ren finds himself far more in control now. While his Arcana remains erratic at times and will occasionally throw him unsuspectingly into dreams, he does have the ability now to leave should he wish. At this stage he is able to do minor manipulations of the sleeping world around him - conjure a flower, change a rock into an apple. This takes concentration and often greatly shortens the time he can remain asleep. As always he wakes feeling exhausted.

Master | He finds comfort in the sleeping world. His own dreams or the dreams of others are something of a paradise to the young stallion. Ren can manipulate the sleeping world to a far greater extent now. He can shift most parts of a landscape, or summon up different objects should he wish. At this stage he no longer wakes with a deep exhaustion, but instead only a hint of fatigue.

Virtuoso | He is no longer bound to sleep. Ren can invade the dreams of a sleeper through careful concentration alone. His Arcana allows him to manipulate the sleeping world entirely. He can shift a delicate, happy dream into a nightmare with startling ease, or vice-versa. He is also able to weave through the realm of dreams effortlessly. He is no longer taxed physically.



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