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Margaux Valtrois
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A diminutive of Margaret, which means "pearl" or, in its French version, "daisy."

"I must forge my own destiny."

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Scent: Summer, rosemary, candle wax.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Voice Claim: Gal Gadot

Mikhail of Myrra x Elaena of Valtrois
Margaux Valtrois
Girault Valtrois (Dwalin)

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Dapple Grey | Lavender Hued Mane/Tail | Violet Eyes | Delicate, Intricate Markings

She is not as thin as the other ladies that can be found in any courts or cities. However, the grey lady is far from stout; on the contrary, she is a perfect picture of exotic femininity. Margaux is nimble and dainty, yet still possesses supple curves that any mare would be envious of. Long slim legs and petite slate grey hooves carry her everywhere. With a refined face, slender neck, and shapely hindquarters, Margaux is a sight to behold. Her face is angelically carved; somehow she is both strikingly and hauntingly beautiful, with dark luscious lashes around her heavy-lidded violet eyes that both seduce one to her side rather easily and betray the kindness that buried deep within her.

Of all the normal things Margaux was born with when she came into the word, it was the color of her coat and lack of any other fantastical appendages. A coat of silver dapple grey covers the mare, with black points at the knees, a black muzzle, and black lined around her eyes like eyeliner. Lighter grey dapples break up the monotony of her coat, though are hard to detect unless she stands just right in the light. Her eyes are a vibrant shade of violet, standing out in stark contrast to the black and silvers of her coat.

Her mane and tail are a mix of waves that curls at the end; her mane is long and heavy, reaching well past her shoulders, while her tail brushes along the ground. Her heavy locks are of the lightest hue of lavender - if almost white - and are often kept in elaborate braids. Margaux has delicate, yet intricate light lavender markings around her eyes and upon her face, her front left leg, along her spine and shoulders, and her rump.

Margaux is often seen with flowers in her hair and a delicate silver headdress with a singular teardrop shaped amethyst at the very least, if not with an elaborate purple and silver cloak with tassels along its edges as well.


Clever | Dignified | Proud | Bold | Worldly | Sassy

Margaux is a bold individual with a sharp mind and a barbed tongue. No is not an answer and she takes what she wants. The sense of loyalty she carries inside her is so fierce, she would do anything for those she loves. The mare is elegance itself, with the manners of a queen; her mannerism is that of royalty, and she holds that close to her heart. Despite being a bastard daughter, she holds herself like a great queen. However, she is known to be a bit vulgar if provoked and her fury is icy. She is incredibly good at holding a grudge, but she is also able to forgive those who deserve it.

She is stunningly clever and knows where to put her trust. Confidence pours off of her and there is no stopping her if she puts her mind to something. The sass that spews from her lips is enough to put anyone in their place, but she is also patient and kind. She carries a massive heart, one large enough for anyone she cares about, but it is no easy task to get that far.

The grey lady was once a powerful figurehead and wishes to install an open sense of culture around her, one where others can enjoy their lives and their communities. Margaux detests war and anything to do with it unless it is absolutely necessary. She considers a society filled with diversity and a collection of beliefs is the strongest of them all. Margaux is also unbelievable opinionated and she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.


Margaux was born to two wealthy families in a faraway city; Myrra and Valtrois. They were old families deeply rooted in their ways and lifestyles, having long forgotten the carnage that had happened at the hand of the deities. Mikhail and Elaena met by happenstance, both drunk at a wild masquerade held in honor of Mikhail's impending marriage. They tumbled for a night, both out of spite against their families; Mikhail warring against a life chosen for him, and Elaena spitting in the face of chastity. But soon Mikhail was wed and Elaena discovered she was with child. Elaena was locked away but managed to get the word out.

However, all Elaena found was disappointment. While Mikhail acknowledged Margaux as his child, he had changed since that fateful night. He was now a power hungry and suspicious stallion, who initially didn't believe Elaena. However, there was no denying Margaux was his - after all, she bore all of his coloring! And so Mikhail financed Margaux's youth in secret while Elaena told Margaux the truth. Her mother would say that there was no shame in being a bastard since bastards are born out of passion.

As a young mare she spent her days out in the streets with the people. She loved them and she adored their lives. The bakeries, the market, and shops were her favorite, and the people enjoyed her company as she was the only person of wealth to lend an ear to their sorrows. They told her she was too kind for her world, but she wouldn't know the truth of it until she was barely of age.

To broke a new trading deal, her father had her married to a stallion named Hugo. She was furious at first, to be sold like a slave and bartered like she was nothing but a mere object. She lamented her sorrows to the poor people she had once helped, but she found hardly any comfort from them. They all told her that they had warned her. It's what happened to girls from rich and powerful families. They told her she was lucky to have such a kind man as a husband, but Margaux wouldn't believe it at first. How could he be kind when he essentially bought her? However, she grew to see he was in fact truly a kind soul. He began to travel with her to the city, to help the people as she did. Hugo didn’t force her to consummate their marriage and gave Margaux her own space without having to be asked. In the months of spending her days with Hugo while he attentively listened and learned more about her, Margaux fell in love.

Alas, Margaux wasn't meant to have her happily ever after with Hugo. Already of an older age, Hugo succumbed to a chill after spending too much time beyond the shelter of their homeland's walls. He quickly returned to their home in the city, but even the best healers couldn't save her husband from the brink of death. He died peacefully with the comfort of having Margaux at his side. Before passing, Hugo made only one demand - for Margaux to move on and find love again. For surely if she could fall in love with an old man, Margaux could learn to love again.

Margaux spent a long time mourning before she returned to her regular life. Yet, her old life was far from fulfilling as it once had been. Gathering her courage, Margaux gathered enough supplies and valuables before setting off into the great unknown of the world beyond the stone walls she had never been past. Now she wanders, looking for a purpose in life beyond a life of riches and glamour of her past.

Arcane Magic



"Arcane magic is a cold and intellectual magic that warps time, space, and controls the flow of mana, which is just a measure of a fundamental power—if mana were water, then arcane would be steam pressure. Though extremely volatile, arcane is so similar to an element it might as well be one, for all magical intents and purposes."

Since "time" exists and flows within "space", the two are interrelated, and by manipulating time, one is basically distorting space proportionally. However, it should be noted that Margaux's arcane magic does not allow her to alter time to bring back the dead. For revivals, Margaux would need to work with a necromancer or other arcana wielding creature capable of such revivals.

A quirk of Margaux's arcane abilities always affects her arcana to have a violet or lilac tint. This can be seen in a violet or lilac "mist" in the event of time manipulation, or in her temporal shields and armor.

Apprentice: Accelerate, slow and/or stop time to others while being able to move freely. Her ability to do such is weak, as Margaux is learning how to control such an unyielding ability. These effects can last for less than a minute - which is enough to buy precious time in case of emergencies. Margaux can push the boundaries and extend the effects for longer than a minute with extreme focus, but exhaustion will occur. In most cases, slowing or stopping time by even a few seconds givens Margaux almost a 'teleportation' effect, where she can move from one spot to another during the time manipulation.

Adept: Her mastery of the arcane has grown. Margaux can now control time for longer lengths and better accuracy, both over herself and on others. Margaux is also able to dabble in Chronokinetic Constructs, which is the ability to create tools, weapons, and armor out of time. These constructs might include a temporal shield to block attacks or weapons to engage in attacks. At this level, her constructs do not last long and cannot endure much damage.

Master: Margaux can rewind time to a few seconds, minutes, hours, days to reverse the effects of recent events. This does not allow her to bring back the dead but instead allows her to repair damaged objects, attempt to avoid disasters, etc. Margaux's control over her constructs also increases, allowing her to maintain shields and weapons for longer periods of time; her shields have a larger range of effect, allowing her to guard more than one horse at a time.

Virtuoso: A fully recognized master of the arcane, Margaux can manipulate time in such a way that affects the aging process of not only herself but of other organisms as well. This does NOT make others immortal, but merely allows Margaux to slow the aging process to shorten or increase one's lifespan. The mastery of her constructs allows Margaux to create "duplicates" of herself to aid in a fight. Her temporal shields can now have a far range of protection with the ability to "bubble" over a large area and protect the creatures within that "bubble" for a prolonged period of time.



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