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Smells like: The embers of a dying fire being sparked back to life wrapped in smoke.

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OOC & Character(s)


Though Kismet stands at an average height, she is on the slender side but does not appear underweight. Her build is similar to a ballerina or other dancer, lean muscles and a graceful stride. Her body is colored in shades of a gray with a very soft blue undertone; there are darker points at her muzzle, lower legs, stomach and down her spine rounding down her flanks. She also bears orange tattoos around each eye that follow the paths of her eyelids much like eyeliner, before curling outward: under that the tattoo continues in the form of three equally sized dots. Her mane and tail are both a fiery orange-red with lighter highlights interwoven in the strands, the hair is silky in texture and well maintained; she does occasionally change the length of her mane and when it is shorter it resembles a longer Mohawk. At her neck line there is another tattoo on each side in yellow, outlined in orange, that follows the length of it with five tendrils snaking down the sides. Wrapped around her neck and meeting at the base of it, are three golden chains which feed through her mane while a fourth, closest to the ground, meet the single gold bracelet on each front leg. The top of head is adorned with two golden horns that curve up at the base, then swing down before curling back to the sky into sharp points. Her eyes are the same orange and yellow hues featured in her tattoos bearing no concrete pupil, but rather where a pupil should be is where her eyes become yellow; it is much like staring into the flames she plays with.


Kismet is adventurous and loves to travel, her gypsy lifestyle greatly influencing these traits. The stories told around campfires by every member of the group sparked the love for travel at an early age; before she was old enough to comprehend the life led by her family. Though she dreams of great journeys and grand explorations, this exuberance is tempered by the reality of their poverty; the older she became the more she saw the truth behind the tired lines at the corners of her family’s eyes. There were many winters when food was too scarce and they were forced to alternate who ate which day, assuming they found any sources of nourishment. This all shaped her into the pragmatic woman she is today. She is exceedingly kind and will give what she can to those who need it more than she does. To get her through the darker days she developed a sharp wit and keen intellect by verbally sparring with those around her; soaking up any bit of wisdom she could get her hands on and eagerly dishing out return sarcasm when given to her by those seeking to berate her life. To summarize; she is kind but slow to trust and incredibly intelligent with an underlying snarky side.


Coming soon! -winks at Marrow-




Apprentice: Flames dance across her skin and curl outwardly around her. At this level they are capable of singeing anyone who gets too close.

Adept: Fire is eager to answer her call and can be wielded longer without fatigue. She can now begin to shape flames into any form and strike out in a fiery whip.

Master: She can call the destructive force at her leisure, whipping fire at those who cross her. Her ability to shape the flames now expands and combines with the extension of the whip to produce fireballs of all sizes as well. The heat from the flames can now be wielded by itself as a force all its own; sweating out enemies and causing a suffocating atmosphere.

Virtuoso: Other aspects of the infernal force: smoke and ash respond to her cry and she direct them easily. In essence; she can block out the sun and bring hell to earth's surface. Any form of fire is at her disposal.



Reference: o_okami of DA
Avatar: Haechii of DA
Chibi: Ittybittyvioletbee of DA
Plushie: Angry Horse for Life of DA
Kismet & Marrow: Keneteth of DA
Kismet Bean: Kiwi