Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Faelan is a simple creature.

She is of no exceptional height or stature, though she is fit and muscular; rather than a warrior’s cultured musculature, she posses the lean, swift build of a predator. She is not especially effeminate and is far from a delicate beauty, though there is a strange grace and unfettered confidence to her movements that seems to imply that she does not care. Her posture can be strangely imposing, likely due to her unusual background, and her expressions tend to be unusual, to say the least – she snarls and growls as easily as she offers anything reminiscent of a smile. She has never been well-suited to hiding her emotions, and so she’s hardly a difficult creature to read, though her behaviors are easily misinterpreted if you think of her as a simple horse.

Faelan is coated in almost nothing but a somewhat metallic black; this dips to its darkest shades on her muzzle and her lower legs. A single marking disturbs her otherwise uninterrupted darkness in the form of a mess of golden celtic knots that run along the right ridge of her neck. Her inky, long, and near-perfectly straight mane is often pulled aside to reveal this marking, save for a single, messy braid. Though she is still relatively young, Faelan has gained a few prominent scars – namely, a set of claws raked down her right shoulder, and a few miscellaneous scratches scattered across the right side of her rump. In contrast to the rest of her coloration, Faelan’s eyes are strangely unnerving. Completely devoid of pupils, they are milky, empty white, and they give off a very faint glow, though it is barely noticeable, particularly during the day. Her lashes, unlike the rest of her hair, seem to have grown to accent her eyes; rather than black, they are pale, pale silver, and surprisingly lengthy. When she opens her mouth, she reveals a set of predatory, sharp teeth, fit for a carnivorous creature...fit for a wolf.

Faelan smells like a forest – she is most comfortable in the darkness and the murk of the woodlands, after all. Her speech is rough and choppy, and, when she is learning new words or phrases, it can be difficult to listen to; her accent is unrecognizable, and her pronunciation is often bizarre. However, when she speaks in her native language – that is to say, barks and growls and howls – a strange melody seems to come out in her voice, lilting and not-quite gentle. Her singing voice is exceptionally beautiful, though she is rarely willing to use it and “sings” as a strange collection of howling syllables, rather than any discernible words.
Faelan is something of an odd bird.

Due to her canine upbringing, her social and linguistic skills are lacking; she speaks very little, and, when she does, her words are awkward, choppy, often misused, and constantly interspaced with barks and growls. She is not necessarily unfriendly and is in fact very curious, but she tends to appear standoffish, or even aggressive, due to her blunt mannerisms and predatory posture. That said, while she isn’t overtly hostile or sadistic, she is something of a violent creature by nature - she was raised as a hunter, and it runs in her blood. In spite of her social naivete, she is extremely suspicious and defensive, and, because the intentions of others are so easily miscommunicated to her - and vice versa – she can be extremely reactive and short-tempered. While she garners some satisfaction from the push-and-pull of combat and the taste of blood on her lips, she doesn’t enjoy causing pain to – most – others, and tends to be an efficient, if ruthless, fighter.

She is, after all, a predator.

If one can manage to put aside her wolfish behaviors and discern Faelan’s personality, they will find that she is a far more pleasant creature than she initially appears. Although her trust is difficult to obtain, especially by her own kind, she is an exceptionally loyal and devoted creature to those rare few that can earn it. She is extremely protective of her own, emotionally and physically, and she is a highly social mare who genuinely enjoys the company of others. Due to her limited capacity for speech, she tends to be extremely physically affectionate and touchy, though, given her background, this would likely have been the case even if she were entirely fluent. She is an observant creature, though it is difficult to call her perceptive, at least in the social sense – she is a survivalist by nature, and sensitive to the slightest change in the natural world around her, even despite her young age. As a result, she’s extremely adaptable; she has encountered far more than her fair share of exceptionally dangerous situations, and she’s learned how to live through them.

Faelan is quite clever, although this rarely comes across in her speech. She is a quick and eager learner, and she tends to voraciously devour any knowledge that is offered to her; she displays a particular interest in folklore, fables, and histories, presumably because they are as close as she can get to understanding her own history. She has a difficult time considering herself anything but a wolf, and she seems to approach the thought of becoming more like her fellow equines with something akin to a mixture of desire – to be among people that are truly her own – and disgust at the idea of contorting herself into something that she knows that she is not. In any case, now that she’s separated from her pack, she seems to recognize that she has little option but to try to assimilate…until she can find them, at least.
An abandoned child, or an orphaned one – Faelan does not know. She does not remember the time before the wolves.

Her mother told her that they found her, half-dead and unconscious, hidden beneath a gnarl of tree roots. She was bloodied and broken, and they didn’t expect her to pull through; they only saved her, rather than eating her up, because of the tangle of knots that marked the side of her neck. Sacred markings, she told her. She must have been blessed by one of the gods – but she doesn’t know which one. The wolves don’t distinguish.

Her mother plucked her from the roots and nursed her back to health; she became a daughter to her and her mate, a sister to her pups.

She doesn’t know the name of the land she grew up in, only that she is no longer within it. She doesn’t know much of its boundaries, beyond the vast tundra and forest that made up the packlands – she assumes that it expanded far beyond them because, eventually, her own kind found their way into her family’s home. This was not for several years, however; she grew up completely isolated, with only her pack for company. Faelan knew that she was different, but she did not care to learn what she “really” was. As far as she was concerned, she was the daughter of Brigdhe and Fallon, the sister of Aithne and Damhan and Muire and Lorcann. Nothing else mattered.

She learned, among those branches, to be a proper wolf. Her family taught her to stalk and to hunt, to survive in the harsh wilderness she called her home; she tumbled and nipped at her siblings when they wanted to practice their fighting, and she learned to fend them off; she learned every plant and animal by name, and she learned how to pass unnoticed among them like a shadow; she learned her family’s speech, although it did not come easily to her. In the depths of the forest, she found who she was meant to be – darkling, dangerous, a predator in the night, a beloved daughter, a strange but dear sister.

She thought that she would live like that forever.

She grew much slower than her siblings, who often teased her for it – but, when she was deemed worthy, she was sent to the far reaches of the forest to retrieve a crystal to symbolize her passage into adulthood. The journey went smoothly, until she reached the great expanse of caverns where the crystals grew and found it occupied--

Occupied by strange creatures that looked like her.

When they approached her, she ran from them; she did not know who – or what – that they were, only that they trespassed on sacred ground, and she needed to tell her family of their transgressions. However, she was curious about their ways. Instead of running straight back to her family, she lingered behind, only intending to complete some preliminary observations.

They cornered her. When they discovered her strange mannerisms and speech, they captured her and dragged her back to their homelands. She fought all the way.

She spent several months captive amongst these strangers; each day was spent attempting to devise a new way to escape, and each day her efforts were thwarted. They attempted to teach her their ways, but she did not want to listen – she would snarl and bite when approached. As she began to pick up on their words, they attempted to reason with her, but she knew - knew - that she was nothing but a captive, an oddity. She needed to leave.

On the eve of some great celebration, – a sacrifice to the gods, or so she gathered – she managed to bite her way free of the ropes that chained her and escape into the darkness. Although she was disoriented, malnourished, and exhausted, pure rage and desperate adrenaline was enough to push her forward until she found her way back to the caverns. She plucked a white crystal, bright as her eyes, from the cave floor, and she told herself that she would be back with her family very, very soon, and far, far away from those creatures that claimed to be her people. They would never capture her again.

When she arrived back at her home, however, her family was nowhere to be found. She spent weeks travelling the forest and the tundra, searching in vain for any sign of them; she finally caught their scent on one of the far borders, and she began to trace it.

She wandered for what felt like a very long time, but probably wasn’t very long at all – everything was cold, and dark, and disorienting. Finally, she followed the trail towards a great tree with massive roots that hid a system of caves, grateful for the shelter.

She soon found herself lost again, with no trail left to follow; unbeknownst to her, of course, she was within the Bifrost.

A somewhat morbid ability, Faelan’s shapeshifting allows her to take on the form of other animals and characters. However, in order to take on a form, Faelan must first consume some part of the creature she wishes to shift into – this can be in the form of a relatively harmless bite, or something considerably less harmless.

apprentice. Faelan can change into creatures she has bitten in the past twenty-four hours for a maximum of two posts, or, in-character, a few minutes. The process is extremely painful and extremely unstable, and her form might appear to “waver,” revealing hints of what she truly is. Faelan cannot shift between forms without transitioning into her normal form. Her eyes remain the same color regardless of the form she is in.

adept. Faelan can change into creatures she has bitten in the past week for a maximum of three posts, or, in-character, several hours, depending on the flow of time within the thread. The process is not as painful as it was, and it is considerably more stable; her form might still “waver” on occasion, revealing hints of what she truly is, but this is relatively rare, particularly as she continues to practice. Faelan cannot shift between forms without transitioning into her normal form. Her eyes remain the same color regardless of the form she is in.

master. Faelan can change into creatures she has bitten in the past month for several days at a time. The process is no longer painful, save for a faint prickling and it is almost perfectly stable; her form only wavers when she is ill, injured, or under severe duress. She can shift between forms without transitioning back to her original form, but it takes several minutes, with larger size differences taking longer than smaller ones. Faelan’s eyes remain the same color regardless of the form she is in.

virtuoso. Faelan’s powers are nearly unrestrained. At this level, she can take the form of any creature that she has bitten in the past year effortlessly and painlessly for weeks at a time, if she so desires. She can shift from one form to another without transitioning back to her original form, and she can do so in less than a minute – in a matter of seconds, if the forms are close enough in size. Her eyes can now shift with her form, creating a nearly-perfect disguise.
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