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Victor Galagant
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  • Age & Season: 24 (Autumn ☁)
  • Species Equine
  • Lineage: Settler
  • Height: 18.2hh
  • Sex: Stallion
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Odd Facts
- carnivorous -
- sunlight hurts his eyes -
- prefers the comfort of a cave like setting for habitat -

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OOC & Character(s)


  • While short he is muscular, a body well in shape for the age in which he is now. The muscles across his body are not bulged or enormous but they are well rounded.

  • Covered in scars, generally the rump of his hide but some lashes can be found under the belly/legs/neck/face. All of these are from being whipped to near death during long hours of forced labor as a young man.

  • Of Andalusian and Thoroughbred lineage but it is said he carries draft traits in his bloodline as well, from some many ages ago, which is where the great muscle tone and height may have come from.

  • Black in color but not onyx under the sun, he glimmers some and his coat seems a bit faded compared to when he was younger. Age has made his coat dingy.

  • Hair is often never sleek and clean, generally quite wiry and sometimes it may look as if he put a fork in a light socket though no where near the mad scientist look. Just a bit dreaded and wild.

  • Victor sports a leonine tail, fangs, bat wings and quite large ears.

  • Both ears sport gauged earrings that are just as dark as he in color. Nothing special and are the only items he bears upon him.

  • Eyes are a maroon red, his pupils are often unseen as they are a lighter shade of this maroon and sometimes can blend with his eye color.

  • Hooves, hardy and made of steel (or so it seems) are a bloodish black as if he has trudged through pools of blood all his life.

  • Roman nose from his ancestry and while his is not very prominent it is still noticeable.

  • Darker specs of black throughout his coat, similar to bird catcher spots.


  • Dark, Mischievous, Untrustworthy – Due to an unfortunate past, with little love and no care to nurture a good citizen, Victor is the victim of a dark and twisted soul. One that knows little boundaries and cannot be trusted. He is certainly no evil being but he borders the crossing line between evil and bad.

  • Misunderstood – Many believe Victor to be grumpy, rude, evil or insane but truthfully that is very wrong. He might be a bit unhappy and have questionable morals but he has never been anything more than the shit hand that life dealt him. Intentions and actions are not to be purposefully bad, to be feared or to be seen as evil but are merely just his way of life and his actions. He does not seek to be greater or lesser, in fact he does not seek to belong anywhere. Simply existing with no true intentions for anything.

  • Sarcastic & Questionable Humor – It is hard to listen to ignorance, let alone answer it, so in general most of the replies that fall from Victors mouth are drenched in sarcasm. No room for caring about others feelings when it comes to his sarcasm either. His humor follows suit with being a bit off the beaten path. What can be found humorous to Victor is often not humorous to most, in a dark situation or terrible joke manner.

  • Deep, Broken, Lost – Much of his life was spent being beaten, torn down mentally and participating in hard physical labor. Victor has never been shown love, maybe some compassion and mixed feelings by one mare in his time but other than that... he knows not what love is. Abandoned at birth by his mother, taken in by a group of slave runners and worked viciously his entire life. The rest of it he has spent mostly alone. His heart aches to know what family, love and belonging is but his mind has altered his brain so much in attempts to shield itself from his surroundings... that trying to find this or trying to feel this is almost impossible.

  • Reserved, Little Emotion – Victor is a quiet and very relaxed man. He speaks when spoken to or when necessary, he lives for himself and no one else, he aims for personal gain/growth and thus does not indulge in others politics. Along with most of his selfish and distant attributes his body language remains emotionless at least ninety five percent of the time. Another learned behavior from childhood, you do not show emotion but you do your work and leave. Emotion may heighten and disturb from within but showing such on the outside is like an impossible action for him.


  • Before Fimbulvetr

    • Childhood – Victor is the product of a filthy one night stand. A man and woman he knows nothing of but for the sake of your understanding his father is a man of high statue in other parts of this world, you might know him as Vladius but Victor knows of him not. After birth he was immediately abandoned and his mother never spoke of him again, nor did she attempt to present the child to its father. At an early age he learned what being left behind was like. It was so long ago he cannot remember the details but he can recall the impending doom that it felt like. Shortly after he was picked up by passing slave runners. Taken into their care for most of his childhood years, short lived in his teens. We will save the details for some other chapter. No one likes to discuss the terrors of slavery or having no free will.

    • Adulthood – His escape was a vicious one. Victor was quite a terrible con artist at the time, having little to no experience was probably an issue but he was raised as a slave and knew one thing only... work work work. There are some juicy details that are a blur to him now. If he was to tell you the full story it would probably change each time he told it. To wrap it up completely Victor made a swift exit without thinking anything through, was chased.. terrorized... beaten... and somehow still managed to slip through their cracks. For the first time ever he made use of his wings and attempted flight. Again we'll avoid the details there, rather embarrassing story.

      Fast forward a few years and the man met a mare. A lovely gal, or well... lovely in his taste. She was feisty, crude, sarcastic and most importantly a little twisted upstairs. The two did quite enjoy each others company for the time they spent together, a few years give or take. A friendship that from time to time exceeded the friend zone boundary. One morning though Victor woke up to the feeling of abandonment all over again. She left without goodbye, up and disappeared in the middle of the night leaving him to wonder what happened. He did search for her for a few months with some close tailing but never made it close enough, eventually giving way to his search. Coming to terms with the fact that the woman he had so affectionately befriended was a gypsy soul ready for new sights.

      Fast forward some more and we now have the roaming and ever so delightful Victor approaching the lands of Fimbulvetr.

  • Fimbulvetr

    • Winter Year 502 – n/a

Arcana Siphon


Victor has the ability to siphon others magical powers. The process is through absorption of their magic which stores their particular energy within him, from there he can use that stored data as a replica. The ability to take magic and make it his own for one use per stored magical energy.

The absorption process may or may not temporarily disable the other users magic for a period of time, I leave this choice to the other players creativity/wishes/discretion. It can affect all siphoned characters differently.

The level of magic Victor is at will dictate the level of magic usability from the character in which he is siphoning. If he is at level Master he will use the Master level magic description of the character he siphoned from (even if that character is only at adept).

The level of magic Victor has will dictate the max distance he can be from another character to siphon their magic.

Magic does not have to be in use to siphon, Victor can pull magical energy and its data without the other character using it at time of siphoning. However any time Victor siphons magic that is in use it makes the process much easier and less tiring.

Siphoned magics can be stacked! Based on his level he may be able to store x amount of abilities to use. Unfortunately even with stacking, these siphoned abilities do have time limits before their energy dissipates from him.
Apprentice — Siphoning at will is not a thing. Victor when placed within a ten foot radius of another user will automatically siphon their magic, which does at times become tiring to him. He finds himself standing good distances from other souls to avoid the accidental siphon. In large groups if he siphons the maximum amount of storage he has he will dump that magic and siphon another in an endless process of tiring game.

  • Siphons only if in a ten foot radius of him.

  • No control over siphoning, it happens each time he is in the radius.

  • Can store one magic at a time.

  • The stored magic must be used within the thread siphoning took place, after that thread the magic dissipates from him.
Adept — He still cannot siphon at will but he has started to learn how to not siphon by focus. If attention is broken or events get overwhelming the calm border between he and his siphon ability are broken and siphoning will happen no matter his attempts to overrule it. Once again large groups can be an endless torture cycle that drain him.

  • Siphons only if in a thirty foot radius of him.

  • Unable to dictate whether he siphons or not but can somewhat keep himself from siphoning by concentration and calm surroundings.

  • Can store two magics at a time.

  • The stored magic must be used within the thread siphoning took place OR within a next thread, after that the magic dissipates from him.
Master — Victor has finally become able to control his siphoning. His siphon magic now stays dormant until he chooses to use it. Siphoning is also no longer as tiring as it once was.

  • Siphons only if in a fifty foot radius of him.

  • Can store four magics at a time.

  • The stored magic must be used within the thread siphoning took place OR within the next three threads, after that the magic dissipates from him.
Virtuoso — Complete and utter control of his ability, while limits still occur he can now siphon without worry of tire (unless in extreme circumstances).

  • Siphons only if in a seventy foot radius of him.

  • Can store six magics at a time.

  • The stored magic must be used within the thread siphoning took place OR within the next six threads, after that the magic dissipates from him.