Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Autumn Year 501 | The heat has broken, and the trees of the Valley begin their transition from emerald to citrine and rubine. The temperatures steadily drop as the progression of Autumn claims all of the Slidr River Valley and plunges it into the hallowed solstace. Snow already weightlessly falls from the sky on cold nights - especially to the North and West. The Laurel Alps and Frior Mountain Range begin the process of wrapping themselves in thick white blankets of snow, leaving the once purple snowcapped border of the continent a stark white crescendo on the horizon. To the East, the heat wave has finally broken. The staggering temperatures have fallen simply from the harsh miles of wind sweeping from the mountainous vales and into the bowl of the desert. Those huddling in the Frekr Oasis for salvation will find the nights frigid. Best light the plinth fires and stock up for the winter, for it is just around the corner.

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She is a woman with few striking abnormal features, save for the glowing red eyes and black wax markings that streak down her delicate face. Her hide is at it's base a snowy white. However it is dotted with the spots of an appaloosa, coal grey and black in color. Her hooves are pale compared to her mother, and she is severely lacking in the black that covers most of her mother's body. Her hair is long, wavy in texture but soft to the touch, with an ombre coloring that starts lighter at it's base and goes to smokey black at it's end. As for her body, Rowan will grow into a curvaceous woman much like her mother. Though she is far more lithe and agile, lacking the full Andalusian touch that her dam's frame carried. And just like her mother, Rowan is adorned with a crown of thorns and roses, with a black pendant that hangs from her princess's crown. Along her neck, the same diamond encrusted black pendants hand from the bases of roses delicately placed. A small bird skull fastens the connecting black beads in her hair. Perhaps the most defining feature is the two horns that grow from the woman's head. Though her mother had not shown the unicorn blood in appearance, it was passed down to Rowan. Her horns mirror that of her grandmother, and aunt, though lack any sort of adornment.

Her mouth is home to a pair of small fangs, to which can be compared to that of a young vampire. There is a desire for her to consume blood that will grow weaker as she ages, but is almost all consuming in her early years. These fangs are retractable, but often still appear pointed even when tucked against the others.

Cold & Observant & Maternal & Guarded & Dark & Fatalistic & Determined & Soothing & Ethereal

Rowan was once the embodiment of innocence. Purity ran through her veins and pumped through her heart. Always the dark fairy of the Valley, as a babe she would wonder about the world beyond her borders, and fantasize about epic journies and quests. She dreamed of knights and of grandiose battles, of magic and dragons far larger than the one her mother possessed.

Her optimistic outlook on the world was refreshing, until it was quashed and replaced with fear and self-loathing. Being the toy of a King at such an early stage of life has branded Rowan as broken. it is difficult for her to make relationships, or even bring herself to interact with people most days. Men send a shiver of fear up her spine, and the loss of her only child at birth nearly made her crack into nothing. Yet here she stands, a shell of her former self, ready to do what needs to be done.

Bringing herself out of such a low was the hardest thing she has done, and even then she will never be the same pure fairy-like girl she had been. The Rowan who was born in the Valley died when she returned, replaced with a far more unloving version--a skin walker who had devoured the innocence like fine wine.

Now she is tough, hard, cold. There is calculation in what she does, guarding her heart that once beat on her sleeve. Despite all of this, Rowan still maintains a motherly instinct toward younger individuals. It is not uncommon for her to dote on a child, especially an orphan, as she can empathize with the loss they feel.

Rowan has always felt at home helping others, even before her life had sank into despair. There is a part of her now that feels the guilt lifted, hoping to repair the sins of her family with what little good deeds she can and will do.

Born a princess, lived as a slave, Rowan has seen it all.

She knows the cruelty in men's hearts and knows what they are capable of. Born to a Queen named Sloan, and presumably conceived of dark magic from her mother's god, Rowan lived in the shadow of greatness since her first breath. The moon had shone red that night, and the sun had not risen for seven days--her birth was heralded by darkness and fear.

Despite all of this, Rowan grew to be far more jovial than expected. While her mother taught her when she could, much of her lessons came from a man known as Sabellian. Sabel had been there at her birth, aiding her mother when Rowan's sharp horn had done damage. The girl, lacking any sort of physical fatherly presence, took to The Limping Lion with ease. She had endless questions for him, always eager to please and learn what she could.

If you looked at her now, however, you would never have guessed she had once possessed happiness.

It started as whispers, then, it soon became clear her mother had war on the mind. When smoke rose from the north and the King of the woods and his heir were brought back to the Valley's altar to her father Rowan knew she stood on the precipice of something....she just didn't know what. Though she begged and pleaded for her mother to spare the innocent king and his heir (to which she had met once before, developing a childlike crush upon the prince) it was all for naught. Her mother spilled their blood upon the altar and reveled in the carnage. Rowan watched as life left them, forever haunted by the image.

It was the first step in a journey that would test the very core of her resilience. In the dead of night her mother whisked her away, taking her back to the roots of her lineage. Her mother's homeland had all but been ravaged by a plague, leaving the land largely underpopulated. For a time, they stayed in the peace and quiet of the wilds in a hut that Sloan had grown up in. Sloan never did tell the girl why they had fled that night, but for months after she wished it weren't so--for a figure of her mother's past came from the dark; Lilith, her grandmother, materialized and demanded punishment for her mother's lack of faith in their god.

Rowan watched in horror, for what she had not told her mother was that Lilith appeared to her in dreams. Thinking nothing of it, the girl had lead the elder witch to their hiding place. In fear of what she saw, and in fear of what the whispers of Lilith spoke in the back of her mind the girl turned and ran. She ran until her legs could carry her no longer, nearly collapsing once she reached Elysium once again.

Quietly she made her way back to the Valley of her birth only to find it occupied by a boy-king tyrant who saw it fit to use women as objects. It was then that the girl knew returning had been her biggest mistake, for as she went to leave the brute had found her and struck the once-princess int he head. Unconscious, she was taken into the harem of the King, and used as one might assume. Expected to bear his children, Rowan's body was far too young and complications arose due to this. When she finally did bear a child, he was born still and lifeless and mutated beyond recognition.

Hatred grew in her for the kingdom and their people, for the way they stepped on her mother's name and slandered all they could. They did not see rowan for who she was, but for who she came from. Slowly Rowan began to listen and learn, becoming resilient and determined to one day strike at the heal of this king like an adder in wait beneath a rose. That day came after her mother's pyre burned low. For a neighboring Kingdom had captured her mother who had come looking for her, burning her in retribution for all the sins she committed against the previous regime. Rowan felt no sadness, not in truth, but a hollow ache in the place where sadness should have been. For a time, her mother's dragon came under her control and it was then, and only then, when she felt strong enough to challenge for her freedom. Leaving the Valley, Rowan ran into the night never to return to her homeland.

Blood Magic: while much of Rowan's family are Umbrakenetics, and even Rowan too, for a time held this power, the girl turned her back to it. It soon became clear that her blood held power stronger than any shadow. It entails the manipulation of blood within her own veins, and then as she grows in arcane strength, the blood of others. It can heal, it can kill, it is both retribution and mercy, a curse and a blessing.

Tier 1: In the beginning, as it is common with all magic users, Rowan can use her abilities in very small and subtle ways. Primarily used for healing in this stage, her blood mixed with other herbs can produce potent elixirs to help those in need. At this stage, Rowan cannot mend more than small wounds; cuts, scrapes, bruises and mildly inflamed muscles.A great deal of her own blood has to be consumed to fix even the smallest of abrasions, leaving the woman exhausted if not delirious after. And in turn, Rowan must consume copious amounts of another's to heal herself. Aside from the obvious, the sides effects to her using her abilities include nausea, migraines, physical weakness, chills and vertigo. It is through this suffering that she believes the purge of her family's sins can begin, and will often ask to be left alone after healing someone. Rowan can also create a very small blood-whip for defense that can't reach far, but does get the job done. She cannot control the blood of others, not yet .

Tier 2: After a time, she can begin to weaponize her blood. With much dedication and determination, Rowan has begun to experiment with ways she can bend her own life-fluid to her will. From cutting herself open to create whips for range, or making her blood heal her own wounds faster with less of a cool down period, she has become just a tad bit more dangerous. Her own lust for the liquid has grown stronger, and she will seek out other sources to replenish her magical stamina. In small bursts, Rowan can also begin to manipulate the blood within other people's bodies. This means that, if she concentrates hard enough, she can make their bodies do as she commands for a very short amount of time. (this of course, is only done with permission oocly).

Tier 3: Complete mastery; Rowan has reached almost limitless possibilities with her blood-connection. From forming wings to carry her in flight to crushing bones and depleting vital organs of blood, and healing herself or others at insane speeds--she is a force to be reckoned with, and never crossed. She is able to to make others halt with the snap of her fingers, twist their limbs in grotesque was as forms of torture or punishment. Her thirst has grown immeasurably.

Tier 4: Expert now in her magic, Rowan is a force of nature all her own. She doesn't tire from it's use but the intense thirst has reached it's capacity. Each time she uses spells she must consume another's life-force to maintain this level of prowess. From effortlessly imploding bodies, healing missing limbs or gaping wounds, or creating deadly weapons from her own blood Rowan will have reached near god-like levels. She will make the skies weep red.

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Ref: base by crystaluniicorn, additions by me
Chibi: Me
Pagedoll: Xlejax
Secondary ref: Base by Franknsteins, design by me
Manip Bust: Lupen Studios
Bust: Mono
Bust: Raygungraphics
Bust: Me
Bust: Me
Avatar: Naia-art
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Pixel: elegant-tragedy
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