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  • Age & Season: 8 (Winter ❅)
  • Species Equine
  • Lineage: Settler
  • Height: 15.2hh
  • Sex: Mare
  • Crystals: 30
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You may use mild powerplaying during any interaction with Corvina.

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You may use mild powerplaying during any interaction with Corvina.

OOC & Character(s)


Cloaked in a canvas ripped from the midnight heavens with eyes leaving hazy streaks of blue as she walks the earth, there is surprisingly little to catch your eye. The soft shades of blues and purples intertwine to create a gentle gradient-- the darkest of which paints her face and legs in a smokey black color with tendrils trailing towards her torso. Small spots interspersed at random along her body seem to glow on their eye, perhaps fueled by the same flame that ignites her eyes. Her mane and tail are free of any deviation of colors, as are her hooves, but the care she once showed for her smokey locks in her younger days appears to have been abandoned. While not matted, small tangles have begun to form and she has elected to let both grow long enough to drag the ground. Her hooves, solid purple in color, have also seen better days with the edges now cracked and no longer polished.


Time has made certain that any softness she possessed past the realm of childhood have become as hard as stone. While Corvina was never known for her humor or for having a lighthearted nature, there was a point in her life where she was willing to open herself up to the world, to enjoy the diverse experiences life offered. But that part of her struggled to survive among the gnashing jaws of war and loss, eventually withering away into nothing as Corvina slowly retreated into herself as a means of survival in a world for which she was unprepared.

Her eyes, ever glowing like streaming comets, glow even fiercer with a stern, scrutinizing stare. She works hard to capture every movement-- even the smallest of facial expressions --in a bid to establish an understanding of what may be to come. However, Corvina often falls prey to premature assumptions to better protect herself from what she perceives as a threat, often aided by the wariness she's adopted over the years.

While she isn't quite a hermit, Corvina has grown fond of a more solitary lifestyle. She is slow to trust, even slower to hand out second chances, and she no longer finds the company of others to be as satisfying as she remembers.


Corvina along with her twin, Orinthia, were brought into the world upon gold and jewels. Born to a scarred ex-gladiator and the loyalist that opened the door to his home as a place of refuge for her, the twins knew only of the safety their kingdom provided. It felt like nothing to could touch them, not even the war between the southern kingdom that brewed right outside their castle's walls. In her heart, Corvina felt invincible. In reality, she couldn't have been more helpless.

The cataclysm that reduced her home to mere dust forced her flee without a chance to prepare and resulted in Corvina becoming separated from her family during the chaotic exodus. The world showed no pity for the young mare instead choosing to throw all it had her way in a sick game of life and death. And somehow she survived long enough to find herself deep within an unknown land, draped by the shadow of a colossal tree the likes of which she's never seen before.


She possesses no magical abilities.



reference by pseudo-dreams
illustration by the-golden-baguette (flurry)
fullbody by tesoupi (soupi)
pixel bust by tesoupi (soupi)
scrapbook-style fullbody by disgusted-noise (kiwi)
cartoony bust by disgusted-noise (kiwi)
blinkie bust by samurai-same
avatar by ryan hutton/unsplash