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You may use mild powerplay with him, as he is prone to violence when necessary.

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Clothed in a hide kissed by the galaxies, Zuriel boasts a dusty bay base with white patterns as an accent. He stands at an average height, with a distinct roman head set atop broad shoulders and a powerful chest. Through and through, it is obvious he had heavy Spanish blood in him. His mane is a light gray-white and long, often curling ever so slightly towards it's tips. More often than not it gets tangled, but Zuriel does not mind it. His tail is a rich brown in color, with copper highlights sewn almost perfectly within it's mass. Like his mane, it too often tangles as it tends to drag behind him. Zuriel harbors distinct facial and neck markins which he has passed down to each of his offspring in some shape or form. Mid-neck he carries a three pronged paint marking that circles his throat and appears symmetrical on the other side. His ears are cloaked in the same white-grey that his other markings hold. On his brow, an angled shape outlines his cheek, brow and snout. From his mouth, six lines trail up onto his cheek and from his nose a white marking reaches up to try and touch his brow. Zuriel carries molten-silver orbs in his eye sockets, striking and pale but despite their stark nature always seem to be welcoming. They hold an untold wisdom and fear behind their silvery gaze. Across his left eye, he has claw marks that have scarred over. His muzzle is the pink of naked skin.

When first encountering him, one will notice the massive changes in his appearance. Along the right side of his face are massive scars from an incident with fire long ago. His right eye is milky white and dead, his neck has flesh that has seemed to rot and itch and the burns never quite healed right. His hair often will still stick to the infectious skin, and his lack of sight on that side of his face will irk him.

Along his belly, hips, loins and spine are teeth marks and eviscerated skin that--like his burn--never healed right. Given to him in a suicidal match in the fighting pits, his hind legs do not cooperate as well as they used to. He walks with a distinct limp, and often drags his left hind leg a bit with each step.


Before most people knew him, Zuriel had been a man of violence and strife. But it all changed when he fled, and his true personality began to shine. Bound by the book, caring and rather stand offish, Zuriel was always warm. If his smile didn't show it, it was clear as day in his gaze. He cares deeply for those he forms bonds with, and can even see the hint of good in those who are his enemies. He is respectful, calm and usually collected as his mask will almost never break. He will carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and his mind is always set on the greater good-- the needs of the many. He'd rather carry everyone's burden and be miserable than see a single tear fall from someone's face. Zuriel will take action in some situations and be dormant in others. If the other party takes the first swing, he will not hesitate to swing back. But, he is, however, always looking for a way to settle things with words rather than violence.

His biggest fear is loosing the people he cares about because he couldn't protect them. His fear was realized during his life, after the world seemed to come crashing down around him. In a sense, he was broken by circumstance and a crumbling empire.

Another fear is that of fire; Zuriel has hated it since it ravaged the young boy's life all those years ago. This was preyed upon by his daughter Etain later on in his life, and thus he steers very clear of anything resembling a flame...or even a spark. Often if near it, he will freeze and or break down in a hysteric fit that he simply cannot control.

Yet another more irrational and rather hysterical fear would be that of squirrels. He just doesn't like the little buggers, and was bitten once by one as a foal.

Zuriel had been a noble man, respectable among monarchs and commoners alike. Family is important to him--even as his is currently in shambles--and he cared deeply for each and every child he helped create. He loved his mate dutifully, and even now will see it hard to let others in romantically.

Depressed, downtrodden, lost. Zuriel knows not what to do or where to go. The world he'd lived in for so long has been stripped of him, along with his family. Now he is very hallow, a shell, but still has that spark of warmth in his eyes to the passerby who dares ask about his travels. A seasoned warrior, previous King, and decent diplomat; Zuriel simply wants purpose in life once more.

Confusion and a strange content about life have since replaced the depression--though now he is constantly wondering why he feels the hallow sting of nostalgia for things he cannot remember.


When he was a yearling, he had been dubbed as the night watchmen for his herd outside of the village they resided in. He, being young, naive and rather tired had fallen asleep in the fifth hour of his watch, but was shaken awake by screaming. Their enemy, as swift and silent as shadows had crept in and burned the place to the ground and all he did was watch; He was so afraid his body froze up and all he could do was gaze out in horror. Zuriel, once he gained control of his mind and body, tried to find his family but was tragically found by the enemy. He was beaten beyond recognition and hauled off into the night only to be placed in a cell with hoards of other horses like himself. Several days went by before he was sold into slavery by the enemy and to a rather high ranking family at that. To his surprise they treated him very kindly, even going as far as to treat his wounds. This would be the basis for why he does what he does in the future, and why he out of all was in fact the leader of the Endseekers. He had experienced kindness like no other and saw that it was truly the only way to spread peace. They were his enemy and yet they acted as if he was one of their own. In an unfortunate turn of events, he lashed out at the daughter of his owner due to her advances on him. He didn't hurt her but she was a sly woman and made sure he was punished. He was sold under the lie that he had been the one to advance on her and all trust from the family was lost. He was given to the military, and there they hardened him into a ruthless warrior against his wishes. If he refused he was beaten over and over until his submission. He still held onto his idea of peace being spread through love and kindness, although he was forced to take the lives of others. It was that idea that got him through the perilous night and into the dawn. And then? He escaped, fled the battlefield one night and made his home in Stormhold simply looking for work. This is where he met the others who would become part of the founding few of the Endseekers.

After spending time in Stormhold, he was befriended by the Light King and together they formed the idea of the "Endseekers"--a group of equines dedicated to protecting others, standing up for and aiding the weak, a voice to the voiceless. They knew no borders, and often performed tasks outside of light lands. They were to stand as guardians of the light, and swore to defeat the darkness at any cost. Zuriel was appointed their leader, and through several interactions picked the first few to join. Thus the first generation of Endseekers were born. Among them was Delilah, a younger blue painted mare whom would later become Zuriel's mate and Queen.

Not long after, Zuriel began meeting the younger initiates to the Endseeker cause. But chaos was just around the corner. From Stormhold, he watched as the smoke rose from a herd under attack and felt the winds chill him to the bone. He feared for the safety of the Lights--especially after the betrayal of the angel guard under the King. He met with his fellow Endseekers as well as privately with his close friend Delilah, to discuss a reasonable course of action. Shortly there after, Zuriel met with a young member of the angel guard where he gave the man a chance to come and be with the Endseekers--to do something good instead of cause havoc. The young man declined, and even though he'd been trespassing on Light lands, Zuriel let him go with out a fight. During this time, a new Queen had been appointed--one who had formerly been part of the enemy long ago. She was to help keep the alliance up and running, strong, and wanted to meet with the head of the Endseekers to reassure herself and them.

Just when things seemed to settle, chaos crept back into the world again. With out a trace, or even a warning, the King vanished one night. The Queen did all she could to ensure her position and the stability of the Lights but ultimately failed. She was dethroned, and their herd -- Stormhold -- returned to being a normal land in the realm. Zuriel did what he could to keep his people strong, and to keep the herd safe. Eventually Wickeds began to infiltrate the herds and take young unaware people as hostages. When a young Pegasus went missing, and a member of the dreaded Pit herd came forward demanding someone in exchange for the young foal's life Zuriel stepped forward with out hesitation. He was taken as prisoner to the Pit, where he waited in the depths of the herd's hideout till he was released when Delilah--his close friend and blooming love interest--came to see him freed. Together they escaped, Zuriel coming out with a nasty scrape along his face but none-the-less free of the Wickeds for the time being. The two made it back to Stormhold, only for Zuriel to find out the ex-Queen and leader of the herd had left, giving the position over to Zuriel in his absence. For the first time, Zuriel was not only leader of the Endseekers, but leader of a herd as well.

To keep things running smoothly, Zuriel appointed a secondary by the name of Odds. However, despite the jovial personality of the young man Zuriel and Odds often clashed in how they saw the future of the Endseekers. Despite this, they rebuilt the herd to it's former glory and began to wield a prominent place within the alliance again. On a trip outside the borders, he met a woman by the name of Ardis whom he became infatuated with. Though their time was short, he left her unknowing he had gotten her pregnant after their time with one another. His mind thought about her often, he moved on after being unable to find her again. Upon his return to Stormhold, it was soon brought to his attention that yet another King had taken the throne. When he sought out the new Royal. the King appointed Zuriel to his second in command due to his past with the alliance. The King gave Zuriel control over the alliance on par with his own. He returned to Stormhold to gather what little he possessed and to say a bitter sweet goodbye to those he loved as he would have to move herds. Before he left, however, he asked Delilah to come with him thus asking her to be his mate. She agreed, and Zuriel kept her close. After a year of living in the new herd, their first child was born--a young colt they named Anael.

Seeing as he still knew very little about the island's history--Zuriel requested an audience with the head of their enemy. The dark Queen obliged, though mocked him throughout most of the conference. Zuriel kept his composure depsite this, and even felt a tinge of pity for her. Shortly there after, he and one of his Endseeker companions were attacked and separated. Attempting to make his way back to his home, he stumbled across a sickly filly in the North. He helped her to safety, and made sure she survived the night. After, he brought her home and raised her as one of his own giving her the name Citlali.

Struck by the hand of calamity once more, the King was dethroned by a malicious monarch. Zuriel returned home with his family and attempted to keep his people safe. However, Odds had begun to run the Endseeker's into the ground in Zuriel's absence. The two bickered and fought--Odds wedging the leader and co-founder of the group out of power entirely. When the tyrant's treachery finally reached the hold, Zuriel left to begin a rebellion against the King with the help of an outsider decorated in lightning hide. However, the rebellion was crushed and Zuriel, ashamed took to the wilds for meditation. He needed to clear his mind and somehow find a way to better himself--thus bettering his chance of saving what he had worked so hard to build. He feared for the Lights and their survival. Months passed before he returned to the Hold and to his family, welcomed back in with loving arms by both his mate and his herd. Not long after, Delilah bore him a set of twins--baby girls to which were named Etain and Lucrezia.

Days after their birth the lights were under attack by a raiding party from the darks. In the chaos of burning houses, screaming people and bloodshed he lost three of his beloved children. Zuriel searched and searched--soon finding two but the third, Etain, remained missing. There was no body, or even evidence that she'd been killed. Thinking she may still be out there, Zuriel began small search parties to look for her. Days turned to weeks, and still they could not find a trace of her. Defeated, Zuriel knew he'd have to stop looking or now and turn his attention to the greater need...the alliance was crippled.

After being severely wounded by the attack, the Queen of the lights was unfit to rule. Zuriel stepped up and the throne became his, making him the King. Blinded as the Queen was, Zuriel still gave her a heavy say in the future of the alliance soon forming a long lasting friendship with her. Zuriel soon took to rebuilding the wounded alliance, forming a militia and Kingsguard to keep his family safe. A relative of the very first light king came to him, and was soon appointed the captain of the guard and his most trusted adviser. Though Zuriel had begun helping the herds recover, his mind still was plagued with the loss of one of his daughters. When things began to settle a little, he began the search again. It was like Etain had never existed. However, among their people a Dark had been hiding. Caught by his Captain, Zuriel punished him with public beating before allowing his Captain to finish the job. This angered the populace of the alliance, seeing as it had been built on peace--but Zuriel had begun to tire of patience. He did, however, give the man a chance to speak and a chance to give him the information wanted--to even join the light. But he refused, thus sealing his fate. He returned to the castle to comfort his beloved over the loss of their child, as it had struck her to the core.

Three years had passed, Lucrezia and Anael growing into fine young adults. During this time Citlali had returned from her journeys abroad with news that she was actually his daughter. Surprised, shocked, Zuriel loved her all the same but Citlali chose to leave the kingdom due to fiction between Delilah and the other children. He was sad to see her leave, but was proud all the same. Delilah was once again with child, and gave him another set of twins. However, a stillborn was in the mix. Only one of the two made it, and he was a sickly foal that they feared would not last the year. Zuriel felt the weight of the world on his shoulders and grew more reclusive than before.

After months of quiet, Zuriel felt he needed to open the search again. Sending his best men to recon the kingdom of the darks, it was soon discovered that his long lost daughter may be within the confines of their territory. Though they did not know where, the idea that she was alive after all this time brought Zuriel back to life. To select specific people to help the captain in her mission to rescue the princess, he brought forth a captive dark and let her do what she did best. Whoever could kill with out question or hesitation was chosen. Once a team had been assembled, Zuriel sent them on their way to retrieve Etain. A day or two after they left, he was approached by Citlali and the herd leader of dark lands who descried to him the internal turmoil their enemy had been facing. Thinking it had been strange--or they had been desperate--that a dark would come to the light for help, Zuriel gave them a tough time. However, he ultimately agreed to aid the herd in their time of need. Before he could rally his troops and head north, the prince of the dark queen came to him. The prince demanded that he stay out of dark affairs or else he'd never be able to see his daughter again. Seeing the child's bluff, or at least pretending he did, Zuriel refused the Princes demands and marched North.

After establishing a presence in the herd, Zuriel was called away. A challenger had come to take his throne. While he did not want to fight, Zuriel met the Pegasus at the top of the mountain overlooking the kingdom. It was there that he declared he would fight her, only to see her step down from the challenge all together. Tired, relieved, determine, Zuriel remained in the lights to help keep the borders safe from any other challengers. Soon after things settled, Etain returned with the captain and her men. Delighted, Zuriel could not believe she was still alive. The family gathered around her and loved her. But he could see something in her had changed. He turned his focus on bonding with his daughter, trying to teach her about their homeland and how their politics worked. He made sure she was nursed back to health, and that she was given everything she wanted. But Etain remained ever distant, even from him. Despite this Zuriel continued to take Etain wiith him when he visited the other herds, hoping she'd come out of her shell more.

Three more children were born to them later that year, triplets with two boys and one girl; Constantine, Melitta and Styngiant. Zuriel often took the boys with him on his travels to their ally in the North, teaching them as much as he could about being King. Constantine seemed to be the most interested out of the two, but both enjoyed their time with their father and he them. Returning to the lights once more, he was soon approached by the Wickeds who'd recently been banned by their new monarch. Needing sanctuary, Zuriel opened their borders to them. This began the downfall of his reign. Though he ha sought to be close to his daughter, Etain had begun to resent him. It was not until he saw her sitting on the throne, acting as though she had his power that he realized how far she' fallen. Reprimanding her, Etain's glare frightened him. Months passed with little contact, though Zuriel had his hands full helping the wickeds, he did not see the shadow lurking over him. Etain had begun to amass power and allies to take him down.

One night he went to speak with her, worried about her. When he attempted to talk to her about previous events, she lashed out and struck him. First with words, second with her teeth. A fight broke out, and he lead her to the throne room to prevent any harm from coming to those caught in their path. Taken by surprise, Zuriel was defeated. Etain grabbed his neck and shove his face into the flames of the great fire-pit and held him there till he was almost unconscious. She took the sconces from the wall and set the castle on fire, leaving Zuriel to die in the blaze. He was save by his old friend, a previous king, and those still loyal to him. Though his wounds were grave, he survive the ordeal only to be washed away when the great calamity hit. In the blaze he'd lost two of his children. The calamity that struck took the rest of his family away from him.

He washed up on a clay beach in a foreign land called Arkana, cursing the world for not letting him die in the ocean. Zuriel was found by Anima (then Geist), and her dragons. She took him back to his friend the old king, nursing him back to health in hiding. Etain had also survive the calamity, making herself reigning Queen in the land they'd all washed up on. Though Anima was able to heal him, Zuriel's face an neck remained disfigured. He was no longer himself, an at the first chance he got disappeared into the wilds. For years he wandered, fading into legend. It was not until the island itself began to crumble that Zuriel discovered one of his grandchildren. A colt, lost and motherless, shivering in the cold. Remembering the time he once saved his first daughter, Zuriel took the boy under his wing and the two left Arkana.

Though the boy, Faelangeist, enjoyed his time with Zuriel the two separated. Zuriel could not bear to enter the civilized world again and left Faelan to do so if he wished. The seasoned warrior wandered far an wide before being kidnapped by slavers--his story coming full circle. He was taken to an arena known as the fighting pits, where he was pinned against many an opponent. He fought through several rounds before his body and mind could no longer take it. He decided then, that he would let the other win and en his miserable existence. When the time came to fight again, Zuriel did not retaliate. Instead, he let the young filly with razor teeth tear him to the ground. She beat him almost to the point of unconsciousness before the match was called. Zuriel was hauled away to the market--all of those who lost were sold to the highest bidder. A woman bearing the Endseeker mark bought an freed him, though he never caught her name. She vanished just before the lands were plagued by virus. Zuriel mustered up enough strength to leave the cave in which she took him, crawling his way here to Elysium.

In Elysium

His time here is relatively simple; wandering the plains until he was met with a kindly stranger. The stranger, Vander King of the Wood, offered him a place within his domain. Knowing he wouldn't survive much longer in the wilds, Zuriel accepted. It was here that his life would find a meaning again. The moment he set foot into the woodlands, his nose was met with the scent of his daughter; the only surviving member of his family, destroyer of their home and kingdom years prior. Zuri remained scarce, never really integrating much for fear revealing himself to his daughter would destabilize whatever system the herd had--not to mention, her relatively high rank within such a system. It wasn't until the Woods were burned by the witch Sloan, that Zuriel even laid eyes upon his daughter. They stared at one another from across the blaze, before she tore her mirrored silver eyes from his to pursue one of the attackers.

In his heart, he knew she had changed for the better.

But the old man could not bring himself to approach her. He was not fearful, he could not tell you what held him back. Time past, his king had fallen to the hands of their treacherous neighbors the Heretics, and others had risen to take his place. In the dawn of one eve, it became known that Etain had cast down the replacements in battle, threatening to kill any who stayed with out her blessing. He saw the same ferocity in her eyes he had seen the night she burned their home; eagerly he urged those who wanted to fight to flee and regroup. They did not want to listen to him, until he revealed that Etain was his daughter. It gave the other's pause for a moment. A woman, deranged and frantic burst from the crowd--Etain made quick work of her. It sent the others into a scattered mass, and she had declared Zuriel the only one of the crowd able to stay.

After the slaughter of those people, Zuriel remained on the fringes of the small herd.

He watched his daughter from a afar until the cold call of a challenger rang out early one winter's morning. He found Etain in the midst of birthing a child and knew she was in no condition to fight. Kissing her head like he had done when she was a child, Zuriel wordlessly left to meet the challenger in the arena. He came face to face with a man who was more dragon than horse, intimidating in size and structure.

They clashed upon the dirty grounds, Zuriel knowing this would be the end of his story. He accepted death, and knew that the demons that haunted him had been turned into angels. The burdens of the world had been lifted from his shoulders, and as he stood victorious; unable to breath and to walk much further, he knew he had done the right thing. Zuriel managed to crawl his way back to the Woods, dying in his daughter's arms at the border.

Or, perhaps it was more, he thought he had perished. You see, the man had awoken in a strange land in the roots of an even stranger tree with little to no memory of his life before that point. No Crown, No heartache, No loss; only contentment, confusion, and an age-old wise and kindly smile.






Voice: Vladmir Kulich Face: Rollo from Vikings Art: The-Weathered-Raven & Clockwork