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Iracebeth Traegur
(er-a-ce-beth tray-gur)
Ezera x Javik Traegur

Scent: The air after a torrential lightning storm, metallic but fresh, afterbirth of oak
Voice: Perdita Weeks
Sexuality: Heterosexual

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OOC & Character(s)


She is lightning storm. A glossy steel struck by twilight fogs, broken by crisp fragments of gold. Silver breaks through the turmoil upon her visage. Markings only one can describe as skeletal etch her maw and just above her golden eyes. They peer hauntingly out, distant and wise despite the small figure of her age. They are the small glimpses of sun cutting through that jagged storm, brightening the realm through the suffocating darkness. The same silvery lining that dances along the clouds untouched by the havoc of the storm laces her tresses. While her forelock is thick and falls long, her mane is almost roached in length, although lays naturally. Mute gray swallows a large percent of her body otherwise, etched with stripings to emulate her forgotten father. But, to be truest to her mother, gold does reign.

Duo horns stretch from her visage, an Eastern aesthetic to their sharp angles and direct curvature. These structures cradle her ears and pole of her head, and serve as reassurance that thunder lives inside her. While her coat can only be defined as glossy in a reaching sense, these horns are the definition in its entirety. Small, minuscule sparkles dance across their edges in direct light, a reminder to the sun that will rise when the rain has swept away. Yet, the sunshine does not end there. No. Her hooves are of the same make, and around her neck like a choker the same color glares through the steel and raven. While her pelt is not as lustrous as her bony extremities, it too maintains a more vibrant color, and when clean it's shine is glaring.

The formation of this storm cloud is awkward. A mixture of thin and thick, she holds enough stock that she does not appear easily broken, but not so much that one would describe her with bulk. Iracebeth is refined muscle, stretched and strewn across her landscape with as much expertise as her breeding allowed her. While she may not be the most formidable storm to breach Elysium, but that does not hinder her. For, the storm rolls one.


Lawful Good
ENFP-T - Campaigner

How else can it be said? Not only does she emulate the aesthetic of a storm, but her very nature is like it as well. Luckily far from her father's shadows, Iracebeth tries her best to mimic her mother. From what she could remember before their separation, her mother was emotional but collected mare, and Iracebeth carries herself in a mirror image of this ideal.

But like a thunderstorm, she is a fighter. Surviving the Fog, Iracebeth believes in herself. She is a young shieldmaiden eager for her first raid. She is a coiled spring ready to release its trap. While she is not inherently seeking violence, she will not allow herself to falter in the sign of fear. Perhaps it was what she knew of her father - so little, just that he was a horrid man - that she internalized to prepare herself for those like him.

Then there is the other side of the coin. A cool, if not energetic, girl on the outside, Iracebeth is not always as collected as she appears to be. Within, she struggles with inner demons she has no names for. Her mind races wildly,thoughts darting around like flittering hummingbirds, their wings but a blur. She finds it overwhelming at times, and must exert herself, release the thunder within however it may be so. Her usual therapy? Running. She had learned it in the fog, the relaxing and utterly focusing power of running.

With all of these complications and contradictions, she has one true fear that at times awakens when she thinks that a shadow moves, or that there is a force weighly heavily behind her.

Is she like her father?

Would she even know how to tell?


Born Year 2 Exodus Era to Ezera through rape from Javik Traegur.
Remained alongside her mother in the Viridian Fields until the Darkness released a plaguing Fog that separated mother and daughter. Iracebeth wandered for nearly a year, her accelerated growth blessed upon her from the magic of Elysium, sprouting her into a young maiden. She foraged and fought for survival along the sandy shoals of the neighboring continents before turning back, hoping to find her mother, and leave behind a life of solitude. Shamed she had somehow become stripped of her natural magic while fighting through the Fog, she hopes that finding her mother and her old home will bring back her truest self. In Brief: Met Andante and became smitten with him on her quest to find her mother. Not long after, Ezera and Iracebeth were reunited in the Eternal Wood where she was birthed. Political strife as well as long desires drove them out of Elysium in search of adventure and magic. The filly inquired for Andante to travel with them, and the young man came.



Electricity: Not only is it an animated visual to her appearance as it dances along her horns, but Iracebeth can control the very weave of lightning and tap into it's currants. It bends, conjures, and follows her very will, both as a spectacular display and terrible weapon.

Apprentice: Arcs trace along her horns, dancing from gilt protrusion to protrusion. At times it fancies to spark and branch from her hooves. When she runs, traces of lightning draw jagged lines connecting her hooves to her prints.

Adept: She can control and manipulate the electricity's shape, the currants traveling along most of her body. They can be used as feeble projectiles if she tries hard enough, but the effort is tiring.

Master: Lightning dances along her will and caresses her hide without singing nor harming her. She has mastered her control of the electrical currant and may make any shape anywhere she pleases and at whatever speed she likes.

Virtuoso: Lightning can be called from the clouds above for powerful strikes, both for show or attack.

It's Adorable! Rook the northwestern crow came to iracebeth in her homeland when she had trouble communicating with her mother upon her return. Their bond is mostly through thoughts and imagery since they do not speak the same language. Rook is also aware of the connection that binds them, and reflects upon this bond frequently. More or less, he watches out for the filly while her mother Ezera is away.

Faerie Light Iracebeth has the ability to let loose the electricity from her horns into concentration balls of current that float freely to her will and offer some sort of soft light in the darkness.

Warg Though Rook is not a fan, at times Iracebeth finds herself seeing through his eyes in her sleep or when she dozes. For now, it is entirely out of her control and she hasn't grasped its particular abilities well enough to invoke it freely.