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The Flame Feiring board will be open until January 31st. Feel free to post as you wish, either in massive group threads or individual. It is time to celebrate the Valley's new year!

Welcome to the Flame Feiring

It is a momentous day, traveler. Deep song and the cadence of drums fill the central wood in a melodic and entrancing tune that seems to beckon and call all to the Slidr Lake. An eerily clear night descended upon the valley, bringing navy skies, brilliant starlight, and a silver medallion moon to light the path of all festival goers as the masses filter through the trees and to very heart of the Valley. The lake, long frozen thick from the deep Vinter storm, glows with the warm ambiance of firelight. A massive pyre construct sits aflame at the center, its bright orange embers drifting weightlessly skyward as they coil and curl over themselves in the midnight breeze. But the air is steady, the flames controlled, as the gathering of Valley dwellers join in on the drumming dances or playing on instruments. Others create their own fire pits and collect around them with merry laughter and joyous smiles.

What is happening? Why... no other then the Flame Feiring! On this day, years ago, the Bloodless sacrificed itself to banish the First Great Vinter and save the Slidr River Valley from an untimely end. Since, all House members and nonpartisans alike take this night - always a quiet one, always pristine in weather - and celebrate not only to their fallen patron but to welcome the coming of the new year's spring. Ice manipulators opened 'windows' in the ice for the hippocampu brethren and used the relocated flow to reinforce the bottom of the ice bed to ensure a night's worth of festivities. Banners mean nothing to the Flame Feiring, and no matter the trials and tribulations plaguing an individual, hold, or House, all are welcome to the all night party and all know (lest they be removed) that violence and drama is not welcome. No, it is a time to sing! To dance! To love! To cherish! Spring is nearly here. If not find solace in the Valley's traditions, take a moment to celebrate your own life. You made it through another Slidr River Valley Vinter, afterall.

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