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Svartr Basalts

Sands of black stretch for miles along the southern shore. White frothy caps lap upon the Basalt Seaboard long enough to caress the geometric formations that litter the magnificent natural wall that separates this shore from the Vromme Holdings. It is a rather vacant place. Vegetation, despite the fertile, volcanic soil refrains from growing here save for high on the northern most basalt structures, offering an ominous atmosphere. There is something about the dark sands, how they stain the sea waters ink, and the constant winds that speak danger.

And they speak true. In times of old, long before the rise of Thror or House Ambrosius, the alpha predator made its homeage here. Jutting from the eastern shore a peninsula bridges to what is best described as a lonely island mountain. A natural black sand bridge can be traversed with ease when the tide is low, but when it is high the waters all but consume the sands at the base of this lonely summit. The geometric basalt structures make it nigh impossible to traverse, but those brave enough to ward off the seagulls that nest on the cliffs will come to a remarkably flat – but scarred – top. There, lacerations rip through the labradorite and volcanic stone, and the remnants of dragons and their whelps lay at rest. Some bones sit partially submerged in igneous rock, a betrayal of the sleeping volcano beneath. These bones are sun-bleached but brittle, some broken and mangled from years of salty air and harsh sun.

Who knows if there are any more drakes who call the Svartr Basalts home…

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