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Laurel Alps

The western most realm resides the largest of the mountain ranges; the Laurel Alps. Ultimately an extension of the Frior Mountain Range to the North, these summits rival their majesty and breadth with a wind and encircling breadth of dark stone borders capped with glacier snow. Much like the woods and streams below, the Alps are not for the weak of mind or body. Their temperatures plummet in the cold seasons, hardly climbing above freezing in the spring and summer. The snow here never melts, and the air can be thin and dangerous depending on how high a traveler dares to climb.

Ram, puma, and perhaps spirits alike roam these frosty peaks preserved in their own natural ecosystem with snowy fox, hare, and weasel at the lowest rungs of the food chain. The only vegetation sturdy enough to challenge the frigid temperatures and harsh, blustering zephyrs that beat the peaks of the mountains are fir. Almost all of the natural springs are frozen over, save one. If one is lucky enough to find the narrow cave – one a half-giant could hardly dream of entering – spewing steam like that of a dragon, inside the traveler will find a hot spring. For those willing to make the treacherous climb, it could be quite the romantic getaway.

In all of its majesty and glory the Laurel Alps also serve as the Slidr River Valley’s ultimate western “end”. The ground almost defies gravity at the furthest points; chucks of the mountain have fallen sheer and deep into the ground, while others jut straight up with vertical walls. Great eagles mark this impassable stretch of mountain, and not much else.

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