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Along the southern side of the mountain a deep and lacerating ravine tears through Tryggr’s lonely mountain, separating a section so that it stands entirely on its own fruition. Beneath the outcropping of Berg-Risi this jutting passage jags through the dark stone wide in girth and frightful in depth. Like broken claws the crest of Arrhule rises, threatening the very divines on high with its malice. But do not fear, traveler, for not everything is as it seems. Below, far below, along the throughs of the winding scar in the mountain are fertile outcroppings nestled betwixt the stone and a shallow stream gliding its way through the shadows.

Private and remote, not many happen across Arrhule by chance. It is supple in earth, like much of the Tryggr holds, but relatively flat in comparison. Some speculate that the ravine was cast by a beast in ancient times, for its unaccustomed even terrain (though not entirely, just less undulated than neighboring realms) and clear cut walls. While upon close inspection they are still jagged, some cavernous with overhangs cut by deep river waters long dried and gone, from a distance Arrhule could have been carved by a god’s knife, true and polished.

But where there is the picturesque, covert green passages there are also deep caves. Bats fly from them in the twilight, adding a natural echoing song to the sunsets as the hold rests their head to sleep, but some paranoid minds may find only fright by this estranged territory.

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