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Founded by the infamous and long fallen Dehaan, an outcropping high upon the mountain serves as the home of Tryggr sovereign and their immediate herd. Old, decrepit, and crumbling walls of rock a long forgotten hold, covered in lichen and blackened from the elements, remains from times long past. This skeleton of the ancient past sits on the edge of Berg-Risi’s primary outcropping, offering a natural “fence” to protect fools from tumbling to their death but little else. The elevation of this particular area offers a clear and all-consuming view of the realm below if the fog decides to allow such.

Spindling firs stretch high and lean this way and that, some seeming to teeter on the high cliff faces, ready to pull their roots from the loose soil and plummet down the mountainside. High winds howl in the night as they slice through the darkened stone summit, making it difficult for those winged to fly; though it is not entirely impossible. Thin streams and rivers fall from the snowless top, rushing along the rock and loose grounds and tumbling down into the commons far below to meet Blár Stream and it’s children.

Rumors linger on the lips of the oldest remaining Slidr River Valley inhabitants that beasts rest on the high and impassable peaks of Tryggr’s lonely mountain. Sometimes brilliant, iridescent feathers are found nestled among the rocks or trees, and other times veined but stunning emerald scales the size of an average equine’s hoof. Perhaps someday the mystery will be solved, but for now, bored Tryggr folk still speculate what creature hides at the head of Berg-Risi.

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