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Herða Hillside

While the congested trees of Tryggr’s foothills may be difficult and imposing for a new comer or those of weak resolve, the deep and ominous woods of the Herda Hillside showcase the resilience and sanctum of this western fortress. Much like its only counterpart, the North, the valleys of the west on their jagged and jutting canvas are brimming with slender fir; their flaking bark and wiry lower branches almost speaking wordlessly of the perilous world that lays within. The soil is loose but fertile, filled with short ferns and stone, and constantly changing due to frequent landslides.

Wish caution upon any traveler keen enough to tackle the inner sanctums of the Herda Hillside; while equine take great pride in learning these hills, and mastering them in the name of Tryggr, for they are rather confusing without the direct sight of the sun, gaping holes appear now and again after catastrophe strikes unexpectedly with the avalanches and collapsing terrain. Where one may find a cave opening in the spring, another may only find leaf covered loam in the fall. These interesting, and mysterious, caves are little explored and highly speculated. Why? No one’s quite lived to tell what they’ve spied in those deep caverns to the West; will you be the first?

For those of whom strayed too far from Blár Stream and now find themselves lost in the sky-consuming forest of Herda, fear not. Minor streams – small, trickling, veins from the main river, all bleed back into the main road in time. Stick to these paths and perhaps you may find some safety or sanity before ultimately falling victim to the dark forest.

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