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Blár Streams

For those who wish to look to the West and towards the holds of Tryggr, they are first met with the encompassing sight of Blár Stream. Congested forests cover the rough terrain in an encompassing blanket that makes it nigh impossible to penetrate the depths of the Western Realm; save the very stream in which this terra is named. Blár, birthed from the Slidr Lake, is a coiling ribbon of frothy blue that winds through the drastic elevations of the western foothills. At times this very shallow waterway is lost from above due to tree coverage, but ultimately it serves as the primary “road” to Tryggr.

Despite the lack of depth, the stream in the spring time can engorge with the melted snow that plummets from the summits of the alps. The water takes an unattractive brown appearance, racing and roaring through the undulating landscape as it dips and weaves through the trees, following the lands as they descend away from the Valley. Rocky beds betray any approach to the frequent families of frog that bask in the dappled sun on the water’s edge. Small fish, perhaps only best described as guppy, live in these fools save for the when the waters deepen in spring; rainbow trout swarm to Slidr to spawn. In the dry seasons, the streams are small, but their paths still prominent. Only one waterfall breaks the Blár Stream. Tumbling from the rocks above the evergreen canopy, this thin but commanding series of falls announce one’s arrival to the Tryggr’s mountain homes.

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