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The House of Vromme has established themselves in the upper lowlands of Slidr River Valley, a moist and sentient region. While a musky stench may linger in the air, there is an abundance of fresh vegetation and easy water access to all of the inhabitants. It is, perhaps, the easiest of the land to live within simply due to the availability of food and drink. During the rainy seasons it is not uncommon for this land to swell with over exposure to the elements, and bleed with excess water for weeks upon a time.

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With privilege comes the highest grounds. The royals of the Vromme House reside within Eng, a lush and verdant set of knolls speckled with bogs. Deep within the stagnant and putrid pools, the lingering remains of death can be seen. Yet, do not allow this to sway you, as the blades are sweet and the grounds fertile. They must be, to suit the head of the House. It backs the Slidr River Valley as the Southern Most region, coming to natural rock cliffs that just straight from the ground and skyward. Clouds linger so lowly it is impossible to see where these natural rock walls end, but they offer quite the backdrop of any Vromme ceremonies, as they too are moss laden, vine covered, and nested upon by all local avian species.

The Leave Taking by Higurashi Kagura
04-14-2019 @ 07:51 PM

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Home to the largest river within Vromme Holdings, Grosugr is wetter than most of the other areas in the kingdom. The footing always has a slickness to it unfitting for quick gallops, but the grasses grow tall and strong, and even at times over the heads of the equine. It's hard to see the trailing rivers and springs that feed off of the Grosugr river save for the areas where the grass breaks. There seems to be no escape from the mud either except for when it freezes in the Winder, and those who live here must welcome the constant filth. But the wise crane and loon love to make this river hold their home,and fill the atmos with their beautiful cries.

A Mysterious Absence by Storyteller
03-11-2019 @ 09:30 AM

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The second highest area, this region of the Vromme Holdings is mainly lowlands, with the furthest north the driest - and that being said, there is still a dark coloration and richness in the soil only found within Vromme. If one is observant enough, they can watch the transition of the soil from the central territories as it enlivens and the grasses green. Considered the first line of defense, Gras is a territory many must pass through to reach Eng and most of Grosugr.

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04-17-2019 @ 10:24 PM

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