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Skali Mountains

The colossi of castaways, this volcanic system of mountains stretches high and far, surrounding the entirety of the Vetr Wasteland in a deep bowl. Though the soil is fertile, most have a hard time finding sustenance here. Why, if the darkening soil is so rich with nutrients and minerals would foliage not grow, a traveler may ask? Why, bubbles of lava creep through cracks and crevices, dripping out and running down the mountainside like weeping tears. Any plant brave enough to emerge from the soil may only last some weeks before it is slowly burned by seeping igneous rock. In a strange courtship, this mountain is as the sand dunes below in the desert: ever changing, molding into new shapes and curves each and every day.

A plume of black smoke rises eternally from the peaks, or well… lack there off. The mouth of Skali is gaping, and deep. But those who venture a flight or climb high enough, they can see the arching bursts of magma in the belly as the splatter upon the ridges. There are old stories that the Skali mountain is what formed the lands of the Slidr River Valley – that the Svartr Basalts are a distant and lost sibling, but perhaps it is only rumor. Though, it is not uncommon to find behemoth bones and skeletal structures, blackened by ash and volcanic stone, jutting now and again, waiting until they are covered in their entirety. What could they belong too? Well, that is perhaps for another time.

One thing the exiles may take peace – or perhaps apprehension – in is the fact that the Skali Mountain has not erupted in many years. Even in the times of Warden Saren the lava had barely gurgled to life. The dormant volcano simply boils and broods, spewing it’s ash and smoke into the world while crying it’s silent tears of loneliness in the furthest north-eastern region of the continent.

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