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Frekr Oasis

A beautiful gemstone in the farthest reach of the beyond, the Oasis is the Exile’s domain, where the castaways claim their home. Here, water and food are aplenty, though its dispersal depends entirely on the one who claims the title of Warden. The grounds are dark and rich from the volcanic presence, with naturally cleaned waters in the oasis and supple, moist vegetation to feast on. A small cluster of palms and fronds grow around the oasis, encasing it in a natural abode to offer shade and shelter. Nestled in the foothills of volcanic mountains the terrain can be at times keeled. Jutting pillars and drastic drop offs encompass the oasis itself, offering perfect locations for meetings, sentries, or arenas.

At times natural game will stumble upon the oasis seeking to quench their chapped lips and aching bellies. Oryx or fennec foxes mingle with the exiles, unaware of the plight the equine suffer, and offer some semblance of normalcy to the otherwise ruthless temperatures and unflinching watch of the sun. But do not be fooled, traveler. While this eden offers asylum, do not be disillusioned to the state of affairs. These valuable resources may suffer in the heat waves, and at that point only the most resilient can survive.

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