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Vulkan Lands

Finally exiting the wastelands, the ground grows dark with volcanic presence, mixing with the golden sands of the Vetr Waseland for several miles. This transition is a flag of finality: you've made it, it says quietly. Sturdy grass speckles the inclined land, still as bitter and tough as the Helgrind counterparts but can anyone complain? Eventually the sands run a deep russet. The sharp contrast of the bright orange of the molten stone paints the lands in warm hues. Twisted trees, gnarled with sun damage and picked clean as quickly as they grow, jettison from cracks in the dry sod as if reaching for escape.

Caution to the exiled traveler; be warned of these molten pools and treacherous pits. Littered amongst the lakes and ponds of orange hot stone are surprise pits. Into caverns unknown you can fall, and at incredible depths. No one quite knows what is below there, save some that showcase eyes of magma deep below for a brave enough soul to peak over their precarious edges. It one is to forge these lands quickly they best know their way; one false or misplaced step and you could tumble into nothing but a hot pit of death.

In the twilight, the lava emits a soft light that illuminates most of the realm approaching the Oasis, offering a natural buffer for intruders.

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