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Vetr Wasteland

A land of clay valleys and jutting, alarming inclines, Helgrind is the gateway to the home of the outcasts. All exiles find themselves here after their descent into the beyond, and it is here you hope to find companionship. Without aid, it is easy to get disoriented after the last of the Point disappears from view. The further northeast one travels, the less and less do they find those bitter blades of grass, and even littler the nearly naked, sun-bleached trees. At night the temperatures plummet and the winds lash with icy whips, and during the day they are stifling, almost suffocating. If the elements do not kill you, perhaps the locals will.

Deeper into the beyond, a large wasteland of dark red sands keeps castaways from the Oasis and the Warden. There is no life here, and the journey takes several days to traverse. Here the elements are harsher than in Helgrind, where you may find sparse food and sparser water. But the Vetr Wasteland? Lower your head, and keep moving, traveler. Death awaits any who may tarry or get lost. It's best to keep your wits about you, for the dunes are ever changing in the sweeping winds, and they all look so very much alike to the deliriously famished. All that is gold truly does not glitter, for these gilded sands are not your friend.

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