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The Point of No Return

Equine and their predators alike do not wish to reach the Point. Here, your only way down is the staircase, where surely justice will chase you back up, or you can cross the bridge to the wastes beyond. It is the exact point and only point of contact that the Slidr River Valley and the Vetr Wasteland meets in a crude arch that juts over the roaring rapids below. Clouds and mist roll atop these dry bluffs and high winds whistle along the umber stone. If it were not for its damning reputation, perhaps there could be a beautiful solace held in such a place; one here can see most of the desert, and the entirety of the Valley. But there is little wonder to be found here.

Cracked earth offers little grounds for a grand procession. It is a desolate realm, sullied with the songs of a thousand sorrows. Bitter grasses grow in clumps and offer no nutritional value save to fill a stomach. Paths from the staircase and the wastes have been worn into the stone, making them at times sleek, almost tauntingly elegant. Eternal punishment rises with the sweltering temperatures as the first of the Vetr Wasteland’s unforgiving heat meets those here. And at night? The chill becomes so extreme the mist from the rapids seems to pierce a traveler’s hide. To make this fateful cross condemns one to a life lost in sand dunes of the Vetr Wasteland.

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