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þreklauss Ravine

Castaways and house members alike know the ravine for its finality of the Slidr River Valley. When one turns around, they are greeted with a sight that encompasses all the Valley; the purple mountains, the foggy vales, and the sea of green. Here you begin to enter the outcast lands, abandoned in their birth. But it is not the views that travelers come here. Treacherous, the grounds may crumble beneath hooves of the aloof passerby who is not careful. Hawks and scavengers feed here, as small game is abundant. The foliage is sturdy and the grounds dry. It is the meeting point of the great desert beyond the ravine, the Vetr Wastelad, and the red mountains of the East. It is not entirely uncommon for Valley dwellers to see Exiles lingering on the other side of the Ravine, or vice versa. But dare you not jump, for the width of the river is too deep and the rapids below sweeping and consuming.

And of course, if there is a ravine, there must be rapids. Having sank into the great valley over several hundred years, these rapids are dangerous to the unlucky swept up in their current. There is little room to traverse about them, with small hills rolling down from the forests and ravine to the narrow purchase of rocky ground besides them. When the Springs are heavy with rain and the snows of Winter melt, the rapids engorge and grow muddled and dark, slowly climbing up the ravine walls. At times it grows so great that in surrounding territories you can hear the rapid’s roar from the mightiest of the Valley's rivers.

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