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Frior Mountain Range

Beyond the touch of Espen lies the Frior Mountain Range, a place where many have met their untimely end. It’s a wasteland-- a blank canvas of white and gray with harsh never-ending winds of biting cold. Nothing of sustenance can be found leaving little choice but to pass through the peaks with haste. Few beings are capable of calling this place home because of this, surviving off those fool enough to brave the frozen expanse. If you’re lucky, you may encounter just a couple of bears but you’d be smart to keep your wits about you as far more dangerous fauna have come to call this place home.

There is little of interest for the sightseer to explore but a few stories have circulated telling of a series of steps seemingly carved into ice. Hard to find and even harder to traverse, it’s said they lead to a small nook just large enough for a draft to squeeze into. It offers a refuge from the wind as it remains untouched from the frigid blizzard, however it is not unknown to the range’s carnivorous inhabitants. Still, it just may be worth the risk when the weather conditions begin to reach unbearable measurements.

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