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Sovereign: Antiope

Ambrosius Holdings

As beautiful as it is revered, the Amrbosius Holdings has sanctioned all of Espen's territory in the Northern portion of Slidr River Valley. The high northern peaks, capped with virgin white and mist, overlook the rest of the realm with a constant, unwavering duty. With violence lacking, no predators trod in Espen's lingering shadow. These holdings are, questionably, the safest in Slidr.

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Fjalltinder is the crowning point of the North and where those reigning over Ambrosius reside. No words can perfectly describe the grandeur and regality it embraces-- only experience itself can convey what it truly means to be within the beauty of the sky touched hold. Even the rock itself has felt so moved as to provide a superb backdrop against the blue sky, almost like earthbound sentries protecting the reigning class. Even the clouds themselves have descended to form a barrier between Fjalltinder and the rest of Slidr.

In a testament to the world that existed before the present, small walls of rock and stone line the cliffs, now weathered from the many years that have passed. They are not alone as survivors of the past however the rest of the ruins can only be seen as distant points of interest from atop the mountains. Still, there are some paths the moss-covered walls travel that lead to other, more interesting features such as the walls of rock marked with ancient runes and illustrations. From time to time, the sun will lend its rays to illuminate the carvings and at the same time, send a spark of light through the more luminous rock trailing through the ordinary stone.

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Mirroring it's companion above in almost echoing clarity, Fjollottr rests several under feet below Fjalltindr. Not as extravagantly decorated with ruins from the ancients, and more wooded as the grounds slope into the foothills, there is still a decent view of Slidr River Valley among the cliffs and rocks.

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A series of waterfalls define Fell, sent as a present from the mountains with strength and fury. Many years of erosion have resulted in the deep pool resting at the bottom blanketed with smooth, multicolored stones. There are a few smaller pools nearby just big enough to drink from although the youth of Ambrosius have made playing in them the more popular choice. But regardless of your choice of use, the pristine waters are a pleasant refreshment to both mind and body.

It is said a cave hides just behind the curtains of water however the opening appears non-existent if you’re skilled enough to traverse the slippery rocks leading up to the torrential waterfalls. There is, however, a second entrance half a mile east believed to lead to the same cave although the challenge of the slippery floors and low ceilings has turned many away.

That isn't the only curious feature Fell offers. Where the forest begins to thin resides a secluded number of twisted fir trees, bent and contorted as if touched by corrupted arcana. Their branches are reduced to mere twigs and their needles bleached white. At the base grows nothing, not even a single mushroom. That said, the aura of this area isn't different than the peaceful atmosphere of the North, though questions do arise to the reason of the gnarled trees' origins.

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