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A peaceful atmosphere defines the paradisiacal Dael. A numerous array of lush foliage paint its rolling landscape with vibrant shades of greens in contrast to the stark whites of the mountains overlooking the vale. It is a haven for the tired and hungry travelers that find themselves captive of the Slidr River Valley, offering a small, refreshing pond fed by a trickling stream as much needed nourishment. Beneath the reaching branches of the expansive forest, one could find a pleasant spot to rest in solitude before their journey resumes.

However, it is not just the weary or lost that are drawn to Dael. Many of House Ambrosius have made it their chosen destination to convene with outsiders or to simply partake in a small vacation away from their nearby kingdom due to the security the small valley offers. Even large herbivores such as elk and moose take advantage of the Dael’s safe borders.

Dael is not just an asylum, much to some surprise. If enough time is spent exploring, one might just uncover the aged remains of long forgotten civilizations hidden away deep in the overlooked corners of the Dael’s forests. Archways half covered in moss and supported only by bent trees mark what used to be. Beneath them rests broken slabs of stone worn smooth by many years of erosion, losing all detail that once marked this point of travel. Such archways can been found in many places throughout Dael, although not all are so easily recognizable. One in particular appears to be partially grafted into the surrounding trees, bark and stone almost joined as one. Another is too small for any typical sized equine to fit through. And a third is slowly being erased as time passes as it is merely a carved portrayal of an archway on a rather large stone nestled in a quiet meadow. Perhaps these are merely the works of jokers or maybe there is a deeper meaning forever lost in time.

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