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Marshian Woods

There is a density to the air here, one that clings to travelers in a heavy veil of moisture they cannot escape. Everything about the marshlands is damp, from the oozing, stank waters to the moss that clings to the gnarled trees. A main river from the Slidr Lake feeds this wetland, stretching on for miles within, twisting and turning until it eventually pours elsewhere. There are rumors that spirits linger here, mourning over their physical bodies that had fallen victim to the bogs. Tread carefully, wanderer, or you may end up like many of the skeletons that rest beneath the stagnant pools. While the waters here may not kill you, the death that lingers below the water’s surface is enough to ward off those who do not wish to become ill.

Surrounding these marshlands, a thick wood grows from the fertile soil. Trees suffocating in vine and moss create a compact and claustrophobic environment that seem to wish ill upon the traveler. Larger fauna, like mammoths, refuse to venture within due to the congested navigation that threatens to trap them. Ancestors of the beasts are littered throughout, illustrating this evolutionary delegation. But, for those who can look past the death and overcome the less than pleasant odor, there is beauty to be found in the natural braiding and greenery. Still damp and wet, hooves sink with rivulets of water filling at their feet, a darkness seems to loom. In the twilight, the Marshian Woods become difficult to navigate, but littered with fireflies in the spring and summer. Overall, these wetland woods serve as a suffer to the Vromme Holdings just beyond.

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