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Q. Do I need to wait for my Bifrost thread to be completed prior to posting elsewhere on Fim?
    A. Of course not! Once you've posted your Bifrost starter you are free to post anywhere else!
Q. What happens if no one responds?
    A. If no one responds to help your character through the Bifrost then the Storyteller will guide you (and test you) through the Bifrost! These prompts will come after 48 hours of no reply.
Q. Can more than one character cross at a time?
    A. Of course! There isn't a limit to how many people can cross at a time.
Q. If someone hasn't entered the tunnels can my character still reach them?
    A. No! The Bifrost, for an easy example, is a one way door. You can enter but you cannot exit. If you're responding to someone outside the tree, the Bifrost will not allow you to join them on the other side.

Trudge forth into the Bifrost

At first the mist is whimsical and ethereal as it settles upon the path of the wanderer. It can appear anywhere: on the outskirts of your home town, at the edge of a forest, or mayhaps along a shore. It is all the same; a rift constructs and wishes for the present to cross. Wherever the traveler (others may call them victims) may be, the land will always turn to a dense field. The tall grasses could brush even a taller equine’s belly. Sometimes wildflowers will bloom, other times wheat. And no matter how hard one may try, no matter of squinting will impart a sky through the thickness of this rift’s brume. Meloncholy envelopes it in a thick blanket, but the days where the sun is at its brightest a soft golden glow will permeate it. This mystical realm is entirely at the mercy of the ancient, sentient force that commands it. And what is that force? Why, the Bifrost.

A mighty, gnarled tree whose branches stretch high into the mist and clouds until it fades into obscurity controls this place. The bark is a rich ecru, pitch like the most fertile of soils, and course as gravel. The closer a traveler comes to the behemoth, the more and more roots will breach from the grounds. Peculiar, these roots naturally grow runes upon the bark, and weave intricately in plaints when they so desire. It moans in the winds that whip across the steppes, and you find your only path through the cave system of the roots at its base, where more rune-marked, woven root arches beckon the curious inside. Within, you find that some paths lead you across stone columns that drop into nothing but blackness, and some others too narrow or short to traverse at all. But, those of patient mind, will find that the roots eternally shift. After an allotted period of time, the subterranean labyrinth readjusts the maze, offering new corridors and paths for those brave enough to challenge it. Those who make it through come to a canyon on the otherside, where the winds howl, and a bridge constructed of these immortal roots that stretch the length. It is the one and only bridge to the Slidr River Valley. Welcome.

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