Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Autumn Year 501 | The heat has broken, and the trees of the Valley begin their transition from emerald to citrine and rubine. The temperatures steadily drop as the progression of Autumn claims all of the Slidr River Valley and plunges it into the hallowed solstace. Snow already weightlessly falls from the sky on cold nights - especially to the North and West. The Laurel Alps and Frior Mountain Range begin the process of wrapping themselves in thick white blankets of snow, leaving the once purple snowcapped border of the continent a stark white crescendo on the horizon. To the East, the heat wave has finally broken. The staggering temperatures have fallen simply from the harsh miles of wind sweeping from the mountainous vales and into the bowl of the desert. Those huddling in the Frekr Oasis for salvation will find the nights frigid. Best light the plinth fires and stock up for the winter, for it is just around the corner.

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Note: All new characters must traverse the Bifrost for entrance! Storyteller will guide you through your journey, and other characters are able to help as well... if they dare.

At first the mist is whimsical and ethereal as it settles upon the path of the wanderer. It can appear anywhere: on the outskirts of your home town, at the edge of a forest, or mayhaps along a shore. It is all the same; a rift constructs and wishes for the present to cross. Wherever the traveler (others may call them victims) may be, the land will always turn to a dense field. The tall grasses could brush even a taller equine’s belly. Sometimes wildflowers will bloom, other times wheat. And no matter how hard one may try, no matter of squinting will impart a sky through the thickness of this rift’s brume. Meloncholy envelopes it in a thick blanket, but the days where the sun is at its brightest a soft golden glow will permeate it. This mystical realm is entirely at the mercy of the ancient, sentient force that commands it. And what is that force? Why, the Bifrost.

A mighty, gnarled tree whose branches stretch high into the mist and clouds until it fades into obscurity controls this place. The bark is a rich ecru, pitch like the most fertile of soils, and course as gravel. The closer a traveler comes to the behemoth, the more and more roots will breach from the grounds. Peculiar, these roots naturally grow runes upon the bark, and weave intricately in plaints when they so desire. It moans in the winds that whip across the steppes, and you find your only path through the cave system of the roots at its base, where more rune-marked, woven root arches beckon the curious inside. Within, you find that some paths lead you across stone columns that drop into nothing but blackness, and some others too narrow or short to traverse at all. But, those of patient mind, will find that the roots eternally shift. After an allotted period of time, the subterranean labyrinth readjusts the maze, offering new corridors and paths for those brave enough to challenge it. Those who make it through come to a canyon on the otherside, where the winds howl, and a bridge constructed of these immortal roots that stretch the length. It is the one and only bridge to the Slidr River Valley. Welcome.

Uproar by Vladius 10-18-2018, 05:00 PM

Slidr Lake

The heart and life of the Slidr River Valley is the lake that breathes life into the rivers of its namesake. The Slidr Lake is a massive body of fresh water, always sparkling with life and brimming with bass and trout. Its breadth is massive and far too lengthy of a swim for even an adept land dweller to try and cross. Unlike some of its shallower fellows, the Slidr Lake ruins deep, dramatically declining from the shore so that only a couple of horse lengths off the bank offer safety. Beyond? Who knows what resides in the depths… Curious hippocampus could - and will, one may suppose - find tunnels far below the lake’s surface that feed slowly to inner chasms and more inlets (and if one ventures far enough in these subaquatic tunnels, they’ll find themselves at the Frozen Shore or the Svartr Basalts).

Serving as the central point of the Valley, it is wildly known as a neutral place that has no governing body. Those without House banners to claim as there’s may find temporary housing here until a House member happens upon them with invitations; but be warned, to live a life of solitude amplifies your chances for strife. But rest your weary traveler’s head assured that drink never abandons you at Slidr Lake. Mingle with the multitude of fauna that draw homage there, sink your teeth into the various berries that grow at its skirt, and bath in the sunlight in the treeless knolls of a small, jutting peninsula. In ancient times, there was a common belief that all arcana that fed the gods and spirits rested beneath the lake-floor here in Slidr Lake, though that myth has never been explored.

darkened dreams by Marrow Yesterday, 03:04 PM
Marshian Woods

There is a density to the air here, one that clings to travelers in a heavy veil of moisture they cannot escape. Everything about the marshlands is damp, from the oozing, stank waters to the moss that clings to the gnarled trees. A main river from the Slidr Lake feeds this wetland, stretching on for miles within, twisting and turning until it eventually pours elsewhere. There are rumors that spirits linger here, mourning over their physical bodies that had fallen victim to the bogs. Tread carefully, wanderer, or you may end up like many of the skeletons that rest beneath the stagnant pools. While the waters here may not kill you, the death that lingers below the water’s surface is enough to ward off those who do not wish to become ill.

Surrounding these marshlands, a thick wood grows from the fertile soil. Trees suffocating in vine and moss create a compact and claustrophobic environment that seem to wish ill upon the traveler. Larger fauna, like mammoths, refuse to venture within due to the congested navigation that threatens to trap them. Ancestors of the beasts are littered throughout, illustrating this evolutionary delegation. But, for those who can look past the death and overcome the less than pleasant odor, there is beauty to be found in the natural braiding and greenery. Still damp and wet, hooves sink with rivulets of water filling at their feet, a darkness seems to loom. In the twilight, the Marshian Woods become difficult to navigate, but littered with fireflies in the spring and summer. Overall, these wetland woods serve as a suffer to the Vromme Holdings just beyond.

the darkness that lurks by LaLaurie 10-18-2018, 02:21 PM
Red Wood's Last Stand

A great Red Wood stretch towards the cloudy heavens, much like the Bifrost but not to such an extreme, mighty and ancient guards of the Slidr River Valley along the eastern border just before the foothills rise into terracotta mountains and undergrowth. The juxtaposition of the woods whose bark emulates flame and the deep, clay enriched earth as the dark sod of the Valley meets the sands of Helgrind create a red bathed stain. It is sometimes referred to as “The Bleeding Heart” by those whom call the Valley home for generations. During the sunset and sunrise, the forests shroud the realm in shadow due to the height, and it is not uncommon for fireflies to dance during summer and spring. Be weary, however. The Dire Wolves call this place home, although fleeting as they may seem.

If one traverses these hundreds of square miles of forest long enough they may find old and crumbling remnants of times long past. Trade roads from eons ago cannot be seen through the overgrowth of the ferns, but the crude stone walls that had lined them from time to time still stand in resolute and lichen-laden silence, a ghost of times lost. These porous stone fences come hardly to an equine’s knees. While they may have served once as markers they are but obstacles in the path of fauna, reclaimed almost entirely by nature.

A peaceful atmosphere defines the paradisiacal Dael. A numerous array of lush foliage paint its rolling landscape with vibrant shades of greens in contrast to the stark whites of the mountains overlooking the vale. It is a haven for the tired and hungry travelers that find themselves captive of the Slidr River Valley, offering a small, refreshing pond fed by a trickling stream as much needed nourishment. Beneath the reaching branches of the expansive forest, one could find a pleasant spot to rest in solitude before their journey resumes.


A peaceful atmosphere defines the paradisiacal Dael. A numerous array of lush foliage paint its rolling landscape with vibrant shades of greens in contrast to the stark whites of the mountains overlooking the vale. It is a haven for the tired and hungry travelers that find themselves captive of the Slidr River Valley, offering a small, refreshing pond fed by a trickling stream as much needed nourishment. Beneath the reaching branches of the expansive forest, one could find a pleasant spot to rest in solitude before their journey resumes.

However, it is not just the weary or lost that are drawn to Dael. Many of House Ambrosius have made it their chosen destination to convene with outsiders or to simply partake in a small vacation away from their nearby kingdom due to the security the small valley offers. Even large herbivores such as elk and moose take advantage of the Dael’s safe borders.

Dael is not just an asylum, much to some surprise. If enough time is spent exploring, one might just uncover the aged remains of long forgotten civilizations hidden away deep in the overlooked corners of the Dael’s forests. Archways half covered in moss and supported only by bent trees mark what used to be. Beneath them rests broken slabs of stone worn smooth by many years of erosion, losing all detail that once marked this point of travel. Such archways can been found in many places throughout Dael, although not all are so easily recognizable. One in particular appears to be partially grafted into the surrounding trees, bark and stone almost joined as one. Another is too small for any typical sized equine to fit through. And a third is slowly being erased as time passes as it is merely a carved portrayal of an archway on a rather large stone nestled in a quiet meadow. Perhaps these are merely the works of jokers or maybe there is a deeper meaning forever lost in time.

Case of Glass by Marrow 10-11-2018, 07:52 PM
Ambrosius Holdings
As beautiful as it is revered, the Amrbosius Holdings has sanctioned all of Espen's territory in the Northern portion of Slidr River Valley. The high northern peaks, capped with virgin white and mist, overlook the rest of the realm with a constant, unwavering duty. With violence lacking, no predators trod in Espen's lingering shadow. These holdings are, questionably, the safest in Slidr.

Sovereign: Caelian
but fallen blood shall ca... by Tywin 10-17-2018, 08:39 PM
Frior Mountain Range

Beyond the touch of Espen lies the Frior Mountain Range, a place where many have met their untimely end. It’s a wasteland-- a blank canvas of white and gray with harsh never-ending winds of biting cold. Nothing of sustenance can be found leaving little choice but to pass through the peaks with haste. Few beings are capable of calling this place home because of this, surviving off those fool enough to brave the frozen expanse. If you’re lucky, you may encounter just a couple of bears but you’d be smart to keep your wits about you as far more dangerous fauna have come to call this place home.

There is little of interest for the sightseer to explore but a few stories have circulated telling of a series of steps seemingly carved into ice. Hard to find and even harder to traverse, it’s said they lead to a small nook just large enough for a draft to squeeze into. It offers a refuge from the wind as it remains untouched from the frigid blizzard, however it is not unknown to the range’s carnivorous inhabitants. Still, it just may be worth the risk when the weather conditions begin to reach unbearable measurements.

edge of life > nevy by Caelian 10-11-2018, 02:25 PM

þreklauss Ravine

Castaways and house members alike know the ravine for its finality of the Slidr River Valley. When one turns around, they are greeted with a sight that encompasses all the Valley; the purple mountains, the foggy vales, and the sea of green. Here you begin to enter the outcast lands, abandoned in their birth. But it is not the views that travelers come here. Treacherous, the grounds may crumble beneath hooves of the aloof passerby who is not careful. Hawks and scavengers feed here, as small game is abundant. The foliage is sturdy and the grounds dry. It is the meeting point of the great desert beyond the ravine, the Vetr Wastelad, and the red mountains of the East. It is not entirely uncommon for Valley dwellers to see Exiles lingering on the other side of the Ravine, or vice versa. But dare you not jump, for the width of the river is too deep and the rapids below sweeping and consuming.

And of course, if there is a ravine, there must be rapids. Having sank into the great valley over several hundred years, these rapids are dangerous to the unlucky swept up in their current. There is little room to traverse about them, with small hills rolling down from the forests and ravine to the narrow purchase of rocky ground besides them. When the Springs are heavy with rain and the snows of Winter melt, the rapids engorge and grow muddled and dark, slowly climbing up the ravine walls. At times it grows so great that in surrounding territories you can hear the rapid’s roar from the mightiest of the Valley's rivers.

Leather & Lace by Evandr 05-26-2018, 08:55 PM
The Point of No Return

Equine and their predators alike do not wish to reach the Point. Here, your only way down is the staircase, where surely justice will chase you back up, or you can cross the bridge to the wastes beyond. It is the exact point and only point of contact that the Slidr River Valley and the Vetr Wasteland meets in a crude arch that juts over the roaring rapids below. Clouds and mist roll atop these dry bluffs and high winds whistle along the umber stone. If it were not for its damning reputation, perhaps there could be a beautiful solace held in such a place; one here can see most of the desert, and the entirety of the Valley. But there is little wonder to be found here.

Cracked earth offers little grounds for a grand procession. It is a desolate realm, sullied with the songs of a thousand sorrows. Bitter grasses grow in clumps and offer no nutritional value save to fill a stomach. Paths from the staircase and the wastes have been worn into the stone, making them at times sleek, almost tauntingly elegant. Eternal punishment rises with the sweltering temperatures as the first of the Vetr Wasteland’s unforgiving heat meets those here. And at night? The chill becomes so extreme the mist from the rapids seems to pierce a traveler’s hide. To make this fateful cross condemns one to a life lost in sand dunes of the Vetr Wasteland.

Vetr Wasteland

A land of clay valleys and jutting, alarming inclines, Helgrind is the gateway to the home of the outcasts. All exiles find themselves here after their descent into the beyond, and it is here you hope to find companionship. Without aid, it is easy to get disoriented after the last of the Point disappears from view. The further northeast one travels, the less and less do they find those bitter blades of grass, and even littler the nearly naked, sun-bleached trees. At night the temperatures plummet and the winds lash with icy whips, and during the day they are stifling, almost suffocating. If the elements do not kill you, perhaps the locals will.

Deeper into the beyond, a large wasteland of dark red sands keeps castaways from the Oasis and the Warden. There is no life here, and the journey takes several days to traverse. Here the elements are harsher than in Helgrind, where you may find sparse food and sparser water. But the Vetr Wasteland? Lower your head, and keep moving, traveler. Death awaits any who may tarry or get lost. It's best to keep your wits about you, for the dunes are ever changing in the sweeping winds, and they all look so very much alike to the deliriously famished. All that is gold truly does not glitter, for these gilded sands are not your friend.

Vulkan Lands

Finally exiting the wastelands, the ground grows dark with volcanic presence, mixing with the golden sands of the Vetr Waseland for several miles. This transition is a flag of finality: you've made it, it says quietly. Sturdy grass speckles the inclined land, still as bitter and tough as the Helgrind counterparts but can anyone complain? Eventually the sands run a deep russet. The sharp contrast of the bright orange of the molten stone paints the lands in warm hues. Twisted trees, gnarled with sun damage and picked clean as quickly as they grow, jettison from cracks in the dry sod as if reaching for escape.

Caution to the exiled traveler; be warned of these molten pools and treacherous pits. Littered amongst the lakes and ponds of orange hot stone are surprise pits. Into caverns unknown you can fall, and at incredible depths. No one quite knows what is below there, save some that showcase eyes of magma deep below for a brave enough soul to peak over their precarious edges. It one is to forge these lands quickly they best know their way; one false or misplaced step and you could tumble into nothing but a hot pit of death.

In the twilight, the lava emits a soft light that illuminates most of the realm approaching the Oasis, offering a natural buffer for intruders.

Frekr Oasis

A beautiful gemstone in the farthest reach of the beyond, the Oasis is the Exile’s domain, where the castaways claim their home. Here, water and food are aplenty, though its dispersal depends entirely on the one who claims the title of Warden. The grounds are dark and rich from the volcanic presence, with naturally cleaned waters in the oasis and supple, moist vegetation to feast on. A small cluster of palms and fronds grow around the oasis, encasing it in a natural abode to offer shade and shelter. Nestled in the foothills of volcanic mountains the terrain can be at times keeled. Jutting pillars and drastic drop offs encompass the oasis itself, offering perfect locations for meetings, sentries, or arenas.

At times natural game will stumble upon the oasis seeking to quench their chapped lips and aching bellies. Oryx or fennec foxes mingle with the exiles, unaware of the plight the equine suffer, and offer some semblance of normalcy to the otherwise ruthless temperatures and unflinching watch of the sun. But do not be fooled, traveler. While this eden offers asylum, do not be disillusioned to the state of affairs. These valuable resources may suffer in the heat waves, and at that point only the most resilient can survive.

The Warden: Evandr
| we are legion by Marishka 10-16-2018, 01:26 AM
Skali Mountains

The colossi of castaways, this volcanic system of mountains stretches high and far, surrounding the entirety of the Vetr Wasteland in a deep bowl. Though the soil is fertile, most have a hard time finding sustenance here. Why, if the darkening soil is so rich with nutrients and minerals would foliage not grow, a traveler may ask? Why, bubbles of lava creep through cracks and crevices, dripping out and running down the mountainside like weeping tears. Any plant brave enough to emerge from the soil may only last some weeks before it is slowly burned by seeping igneous rock. In a strange courtship, this mountain is as the sand dunes below in the desert: ever changing, molding into new shapes and curves each and every day.

A plume of black smoke rises eternally from the peaks, or well… lack there off. The mouth of Skali is gaping, and deep. But those who venture a flight or climb high enough, they can see the arching bursts of magma in the belly as the splatter upon the ridges. There are old stories that the Skali mountain is what formed the lands of the Slidr River Valley – that the Svartr Basalts are a distant and lost sibling, but perhaps it is only rumor. Though, it is not uncommon to find behemoth bones and skeletal structures, blackened by ash and volcanic stone, jutting now and again, waiting until they are covered in their entirety. What could they belong too? Well, that is perhaps for another time.

One thing the exiles may take peace – or perhaps apprehension – in is the fact that the Skali Mountain has not erupted in many years. Even in the times of Warden Saren the lava had barely gurgled to life. The dormant volcano simply boils and broods, spewing it’s ash and smoke into the world while crying it’s silent tears of loneliness in the furthest north-eastern region of the continent.

Smár Lake
A smaller counterpart to the Slidr Lake, the Smar Lake is still of notable size. It is here the fish of the swamps rest in fresher waters, and here that the local masses of Vromme and visitors unite. It is a pleasant area, surrounded entirely by woodlands with intimate clearings and vales. In the summer, reeds and lilies bloom and fill the realm with pleasant aromas. All kinds of flora bloom in the clearings sprinkled in the surrounding woods, and many berry bushes creep along the forest floor. It is a prime location for any herbalist.
dead but not dying by Bones Yesterday, 04:26 PM
Grœnn Flood Plains
Perhaps the most open and wide of Slidr River Valley territories, the Flood Plains are a favorite of the winged folk. Here, there is plenty of space to race and gorge bellies on the lush, barrel high prairies. Deer and stag frequent just as much as their equine brethren, and the Vromme appreciate the great open foothills before reaching their rugged domain. Here, the lands steadily rise as you venture further and further South, bringing you from the Valley lowlands to the holds of the Vromme people.
illuminated | vromme herd... by LaLaurie 10-18-2018, 02:06 PM
Vromme Holdings
The House of Vromme has established themselves in the upper lowlands of Slidr River Valley, a moist and sentient region. While a musky stench may linger in the air, there is an abundance of fresh vegetation and easy water access to all of the inhabitants. It is, perhaps, the easiest of the land to live within simply due to the availability of food and drink. During the rainy seasons it is not uncommon for this land to swell with over exposure to the elements, and bleed with excess water for weeks upon a time.

Sovereign: Bones
An Empty Throne by LaLaurie 10-18-2018, 01:43 PM

Blár Streams

For those who wish to look to the West and towards the holds of Tryggr, they are first met with the encompassing sight of Blár Stream. Congested forests cover the rough terrain in an encompassing blanket that makes it nigh impossible to penetrate the depths of the Western Realm; save the very stream in which this terra is named. Blár, birthed from the Slidr Lake, is a coiling ribbon of frothy blue that winds through the drastic elevations of the western foothills. At times this very shallow waterway is lost from above due to tree coverage, but ultimately it serves as the primary “road” to Tryggr.

Despite the lack of depth, the stream in the spring time can engorge with the melted snow that plummets from the summits of the alps. The water takes an unattractive brown appearance, racing and roaring through the undulating landscape as it dips and weaves through the trees, following the lands as they descend away from the Valley. Rocky beds betray any approach to the frequent families of frog that bask in the dappled sun on the water’s edge. Small fish, perhaps only best described as guppy, live in these fools save for the when the waters deepen in spring; rainbow trout swarm to Slidr to spawn. In the dry seasons, the streams are small, but their paths still prominent. Only one waterfall breaks the Blár Stream. Tumbling from the rocks above the evergreen canopy, this thin but commanding series of falls announce one’s arrival to the Tryggr’s mountain homes.

trøllabundin. by Brynja 09-07-2018, 10:09 AM
Herða Hillside

While the congested trees of Tryggr’s foothills may be difficult and imposing for a new comer or those of weak resolve, the deep and ominous woods of the Herda Hillside showcase the resilience and sanctum of this western fortress. Much like its only counterpart, the North, the valleys of the west on their jagged and jutting canvas are brimming with slender fir; their flaking bark and wiry lower branches almost speaking wordlessly of the perilous world that lays within. The soil is loose but fertile, filled with short ferns and stone, and constantly changing due to frequent landslides.

Wish caution upon any traveler keen enough to tackle the inner sanctums of the Herda Hillside; while equine take great pride in learning these hills, and mastering them in the name of Tryggr, for they are rather confusing without the direct sight of the sun, gaping holes appear now and again after catastrophe strikes unexpectedly with the avalanches and collapsing terrain. Where one may find a cave opening in the spring, another may only find leaf covered loam in the fall. These interesting, and mysterious, caves are little explored and highly speculated. Why? No one’s quite lived to tell what they’ve spied in those deep caverns to the West; will you be the first?

For those of whom strayed too far from Blár Stream and now find themselves lost in the sky-consuming forest of Herda, fear not. Minor streams – small, trickling, veins from the main river, all bleed back into the main road in time. Stick to these paths and perhaps you may find some safety or sanity before ultimately falling victim to the dark forest.

| sins of the father by Tywin 10-04-2018, 03:50 PM
Tryggr Holdings

Nestled in the heart of the west is a lonely mountain, and only two creatures know it with absolute certainty; the Western Boar and the Tryggr House. This lonely mountain, one of the only not snow capped, pierces from the thick and rolling forest landscape of the western realm in a commanding reminder of the House’s brutal and abrupt rise to power. The stone, much like the Alps, is dark, almost as if iron. For those who are keen to dig deep enough, this mount is the richest in untapped ore veins and riddled with a variety of edible (and inedible) fungi.

As one climbs the breadth of the Tryggr holdings mount, they’ll find the forest disappearing behind them, thinning to that of an elder’s remaining forelock after some odd decades within the Valley. Only on high, up towards Berg-Risi and the realm’s throne, can one truly understand the sheer magnitude of land that stretches twixt the heart of the west, where Tryggr resides, and the central Slidr Lake. A fog seems to constantly nestle in the natural ring between the Alps and this lonely mountain, obscuring Tryggr House from the rest of the Valley serving only to cast them in a far more enigmatic and sinister atmosphere than some of their denizens display.

Three holds reside within; the one and only throne founded by Dehaan, Berg-Risi; a land seemingly molded with natural terraces and enchanting woodlands, Brekka; and lastly a deep scar cut into the south-western to north-western section of the mountain with a lush and private ravine, Arrhule.

Sovereign: Andante
A Beautiful Melody by Iracebeth 10-13-2018, 07:42 PM
Laurel Alps

The western most realm resides the largest of the mountain ranges; the Laurel Alps. Ultimately an extension of the Frior Mountain Range to the North, these summits rival their majesty and breadth with a wind and encircling breadth of dark stone borders capped with glacier snow. Much like the woods and streams below, the Alps are not for the weak of mind or body. Their temperatures plummet in the cold seasons, hardly climbing above freezing in the spring and summer. The snow here never melts, and the air can be thin and dangerous depending on how high a traveler dares to climb.

Ram, puma, and perhaps spirits alike roam these frosty peaks preserved in their own natural ecosystem with snowy fox, hare, and weasel at the lowest rungs of the food chain. The only vegetation sturdy enough to challenge the frigid temperatures and harsh, blustering zephyrs that beat the peaks of the mountains are fir. Almost all of the natural springs are frozen over, save one. If one is lucky enough to find the narrow cave – one a half-giant could hardly dream of entering – spewing steam like that of a dragon, inside the traveler will find a hot spring. For those willing to make the treacherous climb, it could be quite the romantic getaway.

In all of its majesty and glory the Laurel Alps also serve as the Slidr River Valley’s ultimate western “end”. The ground almost defies gravity at the furthest points; chucks of the mountain have fallen sheer and deep into the ground, while others jut straight up with vertical walls. Great eagles mark this impassable stretch of mountain, and not much else.

The Theory of Everything by Andante 10-05-2018, 11:31 PM

Every great story has a juicy plot! So why not come and create an epic storyline, especially since the plot on Fimbulvetr is mostly driven by member's own creativity.
EXILE EVENT: The Lava Pit... by Avarice 10-10-2018, 05:46 PM
Individual Catalogues
Every active member is expected to create a master list (ie character logbook) for all their active characters. This provides easy access for staff and members to look up the active characters of another member easily.
| gotham's reckoning by Rost 10-18-2018, 04:16 PM
Swarthy Dispatch
Long distances can often separate others and prevent them from communicating; however, the crows of the Huginn and Muninn Order serve to bridge that gap. Inhabitants can seek out the crows belonging to this organization to send messages to others.
Caelian to the Valley by Caelian 10-11-2018, 05:29 PM
Aside from the c-box, this is one of the more social areas of the site for members to post, share, and just relax. Feel free to let go and just socialize.
Yavania by Visitor 10-17-2018, 11:32 PM

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Please welcome our newest member, Lunafreya, to Fimbulvetr!

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