Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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✿ Spring Year One | After so, so long vibrant green begins to peak through the fertile mud washed in from the heights of the mountains. Buds are peaked through their baby leaves and the trees are blossoming with new emerald leaves. Fawns peek through the forests and fields and birdsong has returned to the Valley. The entirety of Slidr River Valley is open to it's people. With the rising temperatures and the increasing life, predators abound. Careful, travelers, for they lurk almost everywhere.

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The Warden
8 Summer ☀︎
played by Soupi
100 crystals
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In the spring time the desert in the Easts were at their peak of manageability. Sturdy, durable blades of grasses sprouted through the breaks of the stone crafting the ravine, nourished to life by the swelling, engorged rapids as they roared through the terra cotta badlands. Even Helgrind saw ran now and again, though fleeting and fading well before the Vetr Wastelands. Evandr appreciated this time of the year above all. While the oasis offered them a sustainable enough lifestyle, spring brought with it a wave of relief from the unending heat. It would, of course, usher in the worst of times afterwards. A deep drag rushed through his salmon nostrils, released with a burst that coiled and tensed every muscle along his back. Summer was just around the corner, and the Warden dreaded it's return.

But for now, his herculean hooves landed in a cadence of dull thuds that drew him along the exiles' borders. Eyes the same hue of the engorged, raging river watched it with a fierce intensity. It's power here was short lived, and once all of the snows had melted from the western regions it would slowly recede, and thusly usher in the beginning of the heat. Every white cap that burst along the rocks exploded with further crashing which drowned out his otherwise whirling mind. When his restlessness could not be sated, the vast expanse of the wastes served as the only thing that could remotely distract his mind. Therefore he found himself again at these damned borders, skirting along the outreaches of a land that reviled them.

Without necessarily meaning to do so, his brow furrowed, gaze lifting to the muddy horizon of green and brown that introduced springtime Slidr. Thick midnight tassels flicked at his hips, lashing against the scarred musculature. Continuing to let the thundering rapids to lead him along the crag, he eyed the dramatically risen water level. There was only two feet from the lowest ledges to the frothing, racing waters. Evandr thought for a moment that this may have been the highest he'd ever seen it. Who knew if it rose higher? Not he. Another snort rippled through his nostrils. Trivial things like water levels were hardly something he needed to concern himself with. He was the Warden.

Again his banner slapped at his thick hindquarters, and his visage tossed, rippling the midnight locks with their tangles and knots into an array along his nape. An overact mind was the plague of any man. With a burst of air from his nostrils his carriage rose, and he skipped into a steady canter. Through the rapids' clatter his hooves offered a rhythmic beat. He'd return soon. But after a little while longer...

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6 Winter ❅
played by Rook
10 crystals
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Play me like a violin..

The spring was an easier time for the exiles. Food was plentiful. Lush as green as it was plucked by eager lips. Their home was not one of convenience. But it was to be expected. They were the outcasts. The ones that couldn't be trusted within the confines of the herd lands. Well, the majority of them. Evandr. A warden Lucia would often see in passing was fabled to have been born here. Not that Lucia had ever made a point of asking. Pasts, in general, were something that few here cared to delve into.

Although she had heard the question before as to why she was called 'black widow' in certain circles. She would often shrug it off as her coloration. Not caring to get into such things that no longer mattered. It was her past and one she would prefer not to revisit. But some just couldn't let the past stay there. Bringing up old achievements and battles where they had seen glory.

Lucia had none of these fables to tell. Instead, her lips were tightly sealed about the stupidity of her youth. Nigh it was not the killing that she regretted, but her own foolish nature up to that point. As far as the stallion went, he appeared a fair man. Lucia had aligned herself with him in the season prior. Offering her support to his position, as meager as it might be. She was no force to be reckoned with, yet. But one day she might be. Eyes the color of deep ice flicked disinterestedly over the angry rolling water that carved its way through rock and over anything in its path. Slender obsidian legs carried her near the edge but not so near as to slip on the wet rock.

She wasn't foolish. At least not in that respect. If she died it would not be something so forgetful as to drown from a slip and fall. She wanted to leave a mark on these lands. An ink blotch that couldn't be rubbed away no matter how hard they tried. Despite the rumors that might fly about the mare she caused little trouble for others. Only striking out against those that would pester her. Especially any foolish enough to assume that she would sire them a foal just because they wished it. Assuming they could seduce the vixen with honeyed words and false promises.

They truly had no idea who they dealt with.

Her small hooves clattered softly on the bare stone. Unheard above the loud grumble of the angry liquid. It was the movement of another larger form that would eventually draw Lucia's analytical eye. A moment of hesitation, consideration, before she decided to intercept. She didn't exactly avoid contact with others. Like many, she longed for it. But there were few that could keep her attention for more than a few moments of time.

A hello would be in order. It had been a couple weeks now since they had crossed paths. Her skull would dip ever so slightly as the mare neared him. Her dark ears flicking back even at this meager submission. But she respected him and thus carried through with the action, lifting her cranium back to its normal position above her elegant neck a moment later. The little mare was a clash of light and dark, much like her soul. Evandr dwarfed her in build, making her look like nothing more than a little deer beside a massive elk. But her impression of him thus far was that he was basically a gentle giant among them. Someone willing to offer assistance or help to those that needed it.

It seemed almost a strange characteristic among exiles. But many, like herself, had reasons for their transgressions. A mental pardon for their sins. She tossed her head to cast the dark feathery mane from her eyes. "Evandr. She stated in welcome. Not a sweet hello or a how are you. But so was her nature. Pale eyes cast to the water a little ways to the side of them. A slight wrinkle appearing on her brow. "Always such a death trap, these rapids, but I suppose we aren't here for the landscaping." A twisted sort of humor that was met with a soft shake of her skull as she fell into step at his side. Keeping her distance and yet close enough for normal levels of conversation.

"Do you wander here in hopes of finding some soul to save?" There was as a slight flavor of teasing to her words. Although honestly, such a thing wouldn't be out of line with what she knew of the stallion thus far.


I wanna feel alive


The Warden
8 Summer ☀︎
played by Soupi
100 crystals
9 posts


Life among the castaways in the badlands wasn't entirely desolate. At times, Evandr could argue that he enjoyed his life. That there were moments of pride and there were moments of joy now that Saren had been usurped and the Oasis served it's purpose; to nourish all who needed it. While the trials and tribulations while lost in Helgrind, somehow they persevered. While the history was drenched in the must of sweat and salt of sorrow, there had been the fleeting moments when he shared with his dam. Though the sickness of her mind had all but her name, clarity still shined through some days. Her pride in her son's mission and progress was enough to set her to tears. Enough to make him swell as well.

The very thought of her brought a simper to the Warden's pink velvets. Though her soul was set to a world separate from this one, it didn't quaff the warmth that her image brought him. Having drawn a deep inhale into his grit riddled lungs, Evandr's stride shortened momentarily. Each step lingered in the rock sod, his aqua gaze slipping from the path ahead to the grounds immediately before his path. Like tar kept his hooves entrapped on their path his advance crumbled. A full pause came over him, and his robust visage bobbed on his dial, undulating the thick coils of his obsidian mane. His hardened but reflective eyes searched through the mist of the thundering rapids and to the Slidr River Valley again, though contempt did not grip him. No... there was no anger. For he remembered the face of his mother, and with it, armistice overcame him. Audits flicked absently atop his dial, searching without purpose.

Until one was provided to him.

Though there was little to admire in odor, the winds worked against Evandr in revealing the mare's perfume. Rather, it was her steady and calculated approach that brought his attention to her. Brow raising, his visage tilted, nape rounding so that the taught skin rippled. A large, amicable visionary met her ebony figure. He'd seen her around the Oasis, a phantom within the waste. Lucia. He knew only because it was his responsibility to protect and marshal her. One of a few who had sweared their support to his unstable rule over the accumulative group of exiles, he would have lied to say he wasn't somewhat relieved that it was someone like her who had found him. Lithe and dwarfed by his mountainous size, the Warden dipped his chin in a silent greeting before his name left her lips. "Lucia."

As she drew abreast him, his pace sparked and increased, timber extremities consuming the ground besides her to maintain his original pace. Azure orbs followed her pinched leer, inspecting the frothing rapids as her venomous comment fell from her white blazed lips. "Hmph." He responded at first, visage bobbing as he did so. At his hinds, his substantial banner flicked, coiling knotted bolts of ink catching and curling about his heavily feathered hooves. "To those foolish enough, I suppose. No manner of thirst is great enough to brave that ridge." Evandr hadn't heard any mates' tales of those dumb enough to try such a dangerous feat, but he wouldn't voice surprise if it had claimed several lives simply due to desperation. Her followup snatched his attention away from the mesmerizing dance of the caps, a shake sending a curtain of black across his plum mask. Souls to save? A coy, if not dark humored, chuckle erupted in his throat. The tenor sound was deep, resonating from the massive cage of his ribs. "Maybe I am..." He teased, casting his gaze forward again, path remaining just as aimless as before.

The chuckle fell away, lost to the constant breeze that seemed to sweep from the East and into the West. It was warm but he'd built some resilience to the heat over the years. It was the new faces, those still in their first year that would feel it with the most intensity. It was also a reminded of the summer to come. The summer heat, the summer boil.... when they would all bake beneath the sun besides pits of molten lava. Cast away, exiled, from a land of verdant green. A small snort banished the sharp twist of revile he suddenly spawned. "I may have purpose here along the borders," he began again, his graveled vocals reaching out to caress her again, "But what do you have out here? You know I must stop you if you wish to escape." A smirk played upon his lips, humor overtaking him. "I cannot be held accountable for your injuries should that be your choice."

WC: 784
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