Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Summer Year One | The sun is high and it is long, and with it as are the days. Summer has claimed the entirety of the Slidr River Valley and in doing so has cast higher, comportable temperatures throughout the Southern and Central territories. The Western still boasts snow capped mountains, but mud slides are frequent and they are heavy. The North remains green, just warm enough to cultivate and brood the new life there, but the further you tred the lower the temperatures fall, their mountains still ice cladden and snow tipped. The East, the poor souls, is sweltering. At night the temperatures drop to the Valley's daily warmth. Little can be done to add comfort, and each day the Oasis becomes drier and drier...

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Crawling back to the mountain home she came, Hel didn't know if she was any better for having left the holds at all. All she had found there were her own demons. Shadows mocked her and the creatures that lurked inside her mind ever since spying into the tortures of Valhalla prowled behind her every step. What had she expected? To find solace in the forests like she did when she was young? To stand beneath the crystalline trees and breathe in the cold mountain air and all her troubles would magically disappear? The world wasn't like that, and she should have known. Hel was smarter than that.

But, there was something to be made from the journey. An outsider. It meant that the Bifrost had opened again, that the dwindling numbers in the Valley would swell soon with new faces. She'd met one. There was much the Tryggr House held on high within him, but could you ever trust an outsider? Hel had provided him a basic history lesson before trudging on, but she couldn't help but be thankful for the colt as well. Without his interference, perhaps her own darkness would have consumed her. Hel did not invite him back. It wasn't her place to suck someone so young into the grasp of a world so blinded by their own ambition. The rest of the House would tell him that glory would win him a seat in Valhalla. Why then, did Hel not see those borealis skies and warm keeps when she passed?

It was all a farse.

Her muddy hued tail lashed at her sides, chunks of ice that clung there from her travels hammering into her flanks. She used to grimace at their frigid pummel, but the cold had seeped so deeply into her bones she was numb to it. Ears tipped with frost dug back into the dreads of her forward mane, and hot plumes of wafting steam billowed from her nares. They too were kissed in the white lace of frost, each long whisker protruding from her muzzle accentuated. Those who were vain would have disapproved of them, but they weren't of concern for the shield maiden. Her narrow hooves carried her with little diligence back into the realm of Berg-risi, the snow laden boughs of the firs and the near-silent hum of the falling snow her only greeting. Few thought her a witch for returning from the dead, others had never paid her the mind to begin with. Her armor and skill was unimpressive, mediocre at best, but she had friends - perhaps acquaintances better served their bond - in seats of authority. Hel scoffed at herself, a large brume of hot air bursting from her nostrils as she passed other leather armored souls along her path.

She could feel their eyes on her. For a moment her bright eyes scattered to the shadows, wondering if it was the darkness' doing. But she saw nothing, nor did she hear anything.

Another snort. Another scoff. Would she even not make a fool of herself? She followed the trails that led along the ridges, crossing frozen streams as they cried from the peaks of the mount. There was a dull comfort that surrounded her with home, and she felt her coiling fortress loosen. Finally letting her fatigued limbs stammer to a halt, the dreaded mare rose her gaze and then her visage to peer at the bright, full moon above, peeking through the twilight clouds and showering its silver light upon the Valley.

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